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additionpêser kerdene [mat.] (1)

1) çar pêser çar keno çıxaye?
2) çar, çar ser ke keno/beno çıxaye?
3) 4 pêser 4 keno çıxaye?
4) çar çaro bin keno/beno çıxaye?
5) çar çarêna keno çıxaye?
American continentqıtaya amerika
acceptanceqebul (qewul) [e.] [Ar.]
ass, buttqene (qıne) [d.] [Far.: kun] [anat.]
activity logqeydê hereketan
at no time, ever, never qeytan
adventurer’s clubqulıbê sercêrakeri
at least..., then, next, after that, afterward(s)qê ke nê
are openedrakerdaiyê (yakerdaiyê) [ç.]
airline, airway, skyway, airmailraya hewa
ad, advertising, promotionreklam [e.] [Fr. → Lat.]
ads, advertisementsreklami [ç.] [Fr. → Lat.]
advertiserreklamker/e [e./d.]
advertising, advertising industry, advertising businessreklamkeriye
add a picture of yourselfresmê xo ilawe ke
According to the Arabic calendar, the Muharram fast is held about eleven days earlier than the previous year and begins with the Islamic New Year's Day on the 1st of Muharrem.
In order to feel its pain his suffering, the fasting and abstinence are practiced during these days of mourning. Later on, other descendants of the prophet family (Ehl-i Beyt) were murdered by the Umayyad dynasty. In honor of other imams, this period of fasting and mourning therefore lasts 12 days.
Alevis equate the Muharrem fast with kerbela, fasting and mourning. Empathizing with Karbala in the month of Muharrem is one of the most important cornerstones of Alevism for the faithful. The focus is on solidarity with those in need and the emphasis on togetherness.
After the 12-day fast, the day of Ashura begins, it consists of 12 different ingredients.
Roca (Roza, Roja) Muharreme [din.]
adjectivesıfet [e.] [gram.] [Ar.]
as round as a ball, globular, roly-polysıfgılor (sıfgılorık) [sıf.]
as round as a ball, globular, sphericalsıfgılorık [sıf.]
absolutely complete, altogether perfect, right on, exactlysıftemam [sıf.]
airport loungesalonê meydanê teyarey
animal god who does good to animals, mythological figureSarık Şüan [mit.]
at two o'clocksate dıdine (dıyine) de
at eleven o'clocksate des u jûyine de
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398 selected entries:  1  31  61  91  121  151  181  211  241  271  >> 

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