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thirty-seventh weekheşt hirıs u hawtine
thirty-sixth weekheşt hirıs u şeşine
thirty-fifth weekheşt hirıs u phoncine
thirty-fourth weekheşt hirıs u çarine
thirty-third weekheşt hirıs u hiryine
thirty-second weekheşt hirıs u dıdine
thirty-first weekheşt hirıs u jyine
thirtieth weekheşt hirısine
twenty-ninth weekheşt vist u newine
twenty-eighth weekheşt vist u heştine
twenty-seventh weekheşt vist u hawtine
twenty-sixth weekheşt vist u şeşine
twenty-fifth weekheşt vist u phoncine
twenty-fourth weekheşt vist u çarine
twenty-third weekheşt vist u hiryine
twenty-second weekheşt vist u dıdine
twenty-first weekheşt vist u jyine
twentieth weekheşt vistine
thirteenth weekheşt des u hiryine
twelfth monthaşma des u dıyine (dıdine)
tenth monthaşma desine
third monthaşma hiryine
twelfth weekheşt des u dıdine
tenth weekheşt desine
third weekheşt hiryine
tree bridgepırdo daren
The way of God, the way of truth, authentic faith of the Alevi Zon Ma/Kirmancki speakers. A religion that follows the Alevi Four Gates and Forty Level Doctrine (The four gates are: Şeriat, Tarikat, Marifet and Hakikat). A humanistic, nature-loving religious community, which the view of 'Enel Haq, (Anā l-ḥaqq أنا الحقّ, I am the (divine) truth, the becoming one with God or the dissolution of the self in God) of the mystic Mansur-al Hallaj (Persian-Iraqi Sufi and poet, who worked primarily in Baghdad) and looks at all peoples with the same eye. It is not a missionary religion, one is born into religion as a member.raa heqi (raa haqi, raa heqi u oli, reya heqi, raa Hızıri) [din.]
the twelve gods of Olympus (Greek mythology)des u dı wayıri [mit. Yun.]
thick, fatphınd [sıf.]
tomatololıke (Solanum lycopersicum) [d.] [bot.] (3)
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725 selected entries:  1  31  61  91  121  151  181  211  241  271  >> 

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