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quick, fast, rapidherbi (hervi) [sıf.]
quarter, neighborhood, parishmala (mahla, mela) [d.] [Ar.] (2)
questionpers [e.] [Far. porse]
quarantineqarantina [İt. → Lat.]
quince treedara beye [bot.]
qualityqalite [Fr.]
Qatari riyalRiyal Qeter
quarter past two hour (2:15)sate dıdine (dıyine) ra eyreg vren (2:15)
quarter past four hour (4:15)sate arine ra eyreg vren (4:15)
quarter past two hour (6:15)sate şeşine ra eyreg vren (6:15)
quarter to ten hour (9:45)sate desine r eyreg est (9:45)
quarter past eleven hour (11:15)sate des u jye ra eyreg vren (11:15)
quarter to seven hour (6:45)sate hawtine ra eyreg est (6:45)
quartereyreg [Far.]
quadrant, quatrain, quarter circlearane
quailire (iri) [e.] wıtıkı [d.] [zool.]
questions you may havebeno ke pers sıma est
quick helpyardım rewi
quarrel, to scold somebody, to tell somebody off, get into each other, to discusswernayene (nan- wer, na- wer, wern- ) [f.]
queen beemsa anaze [d.]
quiet, silentsukıt [sıf.] [Ar.]
quadrangle, quadrilateral, rectangle, squareargoşe
quarter, neighborhood, parishtağe (1)
Qizilbash or Kizilbash, "Red Head", since about the middle of the 15th century partly fanatical followers of the Shiite Sufi order of the Safavids, who first recruited them from the Turkmen nomadic tribes of Azerbaijan, but later from all regions of their empire. Its name is derived from the characteristic red headgear (Pers. Tāj-e Ḥaydar, Haydar's Crown) with twelve gussets, which the father Şah İsmails and her spiritual leader Shaykh Haydar (around 14601488) are said to have introduced.
Although Turkmen in origin, the term Qizilbash no longer refers to an ethnic group and is used in certain regions as a synonym for the Shia and Alevis.
Qızılbaş [Osm./Far. قزلباش, Qizilbā]

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