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Water Mite Bibliography

Water mite literature from 1985 onwards (or not listed by Viets, 1982, 1987) older publication coming soon!

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Tuzovskij, P.V.2001Description of larva of the water mite Oxus (Gnaphiscus) ekmani (Acaraformes, Oxidae).Acarina 9: 121-124.
Tuzovskij, P.V.2001Morphology of larva and systematic status of the water mite Lebertia saxonica Thor (Acariformes, Lebertiidae).Acarina 9: 163-166.
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Tuzovskij, P.V.2001[Description of a new species of the genus Hydrochoreutes (Acariformes, Pionidae) from the Volga basin.]Zoologicheckij zhurnal, Vol. 80, 7. p. 871-878 (in Russian)
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Vidrine, M.F.1996North American Najadicola and Unionicola: diagnosis and distributions.Gail Q. Vidrine Collections, Eunice, p. 1-356
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