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Author(s):Patolia, J.S./ Chikara, Jitendra et el.
Title :Provenance trial for selection of high yielding Jatropha curcas on wastelands
Editor(s):Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute, Bhavnagar
PDF Document:PatoliaChikara_Provenance trial.pdf
Number of Pages:8
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Key Words:Wasteland, India, Biodiesel, Yield, Ferilizer, Analysis
Abstract:Jatropha curcas or physic nut found as wild or semi wild in nature in India. Recently, the species has attracted the attention of the people as an alternative source of conventional diesel. However, the species is yet to be proved economically feasible and therefore, needs identification of superior provenances for improved yields per unit area. Field trial of 23 provenances of Jatropha collected from different areas of Gujarat, Orissa and Maharashtra was undertaken to screen and identify the most suitable provenance in respect of growth and seed production on wasteland land. Variations were observed both for growth and yield contributing characters during 2004-05 and 2005-06. It was interesting to note that a positive and highly significant association was observed between seed yield and tertiary branches / plant (0.869**). Plant height was significantly correlated with plant canopy (0.845**), stem girth (0.898**) and secondary branches (0.855**). Plant canopy was only positively correlated with stem girth (0.823**) and secondary branches (0.848**). As expected correlation analysis revealed maximum and highly significant r value between seed yield/plant and number of seeds/ plant (0.992**). The performance of Provenance CSMCRI-2 proved to be the best on the basis of all the desired characters.

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