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Here you can ask for hard to find music (elder than 5 years!) (click on 'New' above the table).
Supporters post their links by clicking on 'post your link here' please.
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52 selected entries:

Idartistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkdate ^
2198The Flying Aces2002Seashell moppelfatherpost your link here04.03.17, 20:53
2142T Jarrod Bonta2016Mr. JukeboxTexas Honky Tonk/Boogie Woogie piano player, has been playing with Dale Watson, Rosie Flores, The Horton Brothers, Roger Wallace, Wayne Hancock, Jim Stringer among many others.FHonkyTonkpost your link here09.02.17, 08:33
2079The Fabulous Thunderbirds1992Hot StuffDVDViAnDErpost your link here12.01.17, 20:17
1989Twogether2011Big BrothersSimon Oslender - organ, fender rhodes, piano
JÚrome Cardynaals - drums
Detpost your link here20.12.16, 16:34
1988Twogether201450|50Simon Oslender - Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes

Jerome Cardynaals - drums
Detpost your link here20.12.16, 16:32
1965The Blue Comets Get Off My Blue Comet Tail  post your link here11.12.16, 20:25
1889The Manfreds2008Sold OutCD or DVDmoppelfatherpost your link here12.11.16, 17:24
1851Toby Lee2016Ten Ceespost your link here23.10.16, 21:52
1707The Backcorner Blues Band2014Faico Faicoonly in FLAC!zdenek.suchypost your link here18.08.16, 10:41
1535The Boogaloo Kings2002Boogaloo Lady your link here09.04.16, 09:06
1533The Fantastic Boogaloo Kings2007Live in Switzerland your link here09.04.16, 09:05
1536The Rhythm Butchers1980Meat the Rhythm Butcher Vol 1 - 4 zeusbierchenpost your link here25.03.16, 18:51
1338The Double Shot Band2001Dixie Records Ozarkpost your link here28.12.15, 16:30
1298The Others1982Collectors Item Milepost your link here18.12.15, 14:06
1056The Radiators2007Live At Jazz Fest 2007 your link here24.09.15, 15:48
880the steepwater band2001live...half in the bag carlospost your support here17.06.15, 14:35
638Tino Gonzales1989Latin The Blues Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:19
639Tino Gonzales1993Live at the Chameleon Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:19
388Tow Truck Tom & The Roadside Wrecks200020 Gallon Disaster Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:14
337Tolo Marton1982Let Me Be Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:13
338Tolo Marton1983One Guitar Band Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:13
326Treves Blues Band1976Treves Blues Band Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:12
336Tolo Marton1981The Blues Won't Go Away Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:12
321Treves Blues Band2011Hey Me Hey Mama Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:11
323Treves Blues Band19853 Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:11
324Treves Blues Band & Mike Bloomfield1980Live Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:11
287T Bone Walker Everyday I Have The Blues BluesFan23post your support here28.04.15, 08:10
294The Old Skins Band2009Crying For A Dream Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:10
259The Giants1991Giganticmore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:08
260The Giants1992Boots 'n' Allmore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:08
261The Giants1993Live At Broadfordmore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:08
212The Barry Richman Band Live at Darwin's Blues FestivalThis is a limited edition pressingcarlospost your support here28.04.15, 08:07
157The Producers (UK) Arizona Argentinopost your support here28.04.15, 08:06
65Todd Stedman and the Fat Tones  40 Weightmore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:01
69The Johnny V's Blues Allstars Roosters And Hensas Johnny V and the Houserockers more informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:01
70The Johnny V's Blues Allstars Official Bootleg #2more informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:01
71The Johnny V's Blues Allstars Agonostically Eclecticmore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:01
72The Cobalt Rhythm Kings HOT . . . Like Red Peppermore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:01
73The Outlaws Unplugged All Acoustic fonzypost your support here28.04.15, 08:01
53The Bluesers Live At Trendzmore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:00
54The Bluesers Live At Second Stagemore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:00
55The Bluesers The Bluesers 2more informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:00
49Trevor Finlay Band Bumpy Roads Smittypost your support here28.04.15, 07:59
34The Drinkhouse Preachers2010The Cool, The Quiet & The Angrywith Neal BLACK, Leadfoot RIVET, Fred CHAPELIER ...mojo_boypost your support here28.04.15, 07:58
38The Steve Schuffert Band Unplugged & Live In Duisburgonly in FLACHalfPintBluespost your support here28.04.15, 07:58
16The Mike Roberts Band The Mike Roberts Bandmore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 07:57
25The Imps In The Tubemore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 07:57
10Twice As Good Live at Pala Casino 2007more informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 07:56
5The Gutbucket Band Breakfast At Timothys Milepost your support here28.04.15, 07:55
6The Gutbucket Band The Way It Is Milepost your support here28.04.15, 07:55
762Travis & The FlameKats2002easy street mr. bluespost your support here27.04.15, 08:09
754true blues one night only mr. bluespost your support here27.04.15, 08:08

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