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16 selected entries:

Idartistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkdate ^
2330Ron Hacker & Friends2017Live At The Old U.S. MintRon Hacker & Friends live - recordings from April 2016 with dirfferent guests Jason Ricci & Johnny Sansone....pascalpost your link here11.07.17, 00:34
2130roy last- good times ahead 1984 link is not active

can you please re upload

seems like a fine album
horjus29post your link here02.02.17, 20:14
2129Rayburn Anthony My Car Won't Start Josepost your link here02.02.17, 19:04
1845Roy Carrier1998Twist and Shout Jcpost your link here22.10.16, 21:10
1826Red Hot Blues Sisters2005Flood in the basement AnnaMpost your link here02.10.16, 17:45
1817Rollo Markee and the Tailshakers2011Real Harmonica Blues Vol.1: Live at the Donkey  post your link here28.09.16, 15:34
1544Ralph Woodson2002Thank you swamprollpost your link here27.03.16, 16:59
1541Ralph Woodson2011Purple Haze swamprollpost your link here27.03.16, 16:56
815Ratsy1992The Subway Songstress Years mr. bluespost your support here02.05.15, 11:32
814Ratsy2000Flowery Swimsuit mr. bluespost your support here02.05.15, 11:31
117Robin Trower BLT Unreleased Studio Sessions 1981*swamprollpost your support here28.04.15, 08:05
136Ray Goren & The Generation Blues Experience2013Live At Lucy's 51 Omarpost your support here28.04.15, 08:05
57Rude Roots Rude Roots Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:00
58Rude Roots Live At The Banana Peel Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:00
59Rude Roots Live @ The Banana Peel Club Milepost your support here28.04.15, 08:00
498Ranfa2007Little hard bluesfeat. guest: Ian Pace, Bernie Marsden, James Christians, Tracy G and more.Omarpost your support here28.04.15, 07:52

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