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Here you can ask for hard to find music (elder than 5 years!) (click on 'New' above the table).
Supporters post their links by clicking on 'post your link here' please.
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17 selected entries:

Idartistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkdate ^
2282Paul James Band1984 Almost Crazy your link here07.05.17, 02:41
2283Paul James Band1987Paul James Band your link here07.05.17, 02:40
2068Popa Chubby2004Live Big Man Big Guitar FranceDVDViAnDErpost your link here12.01.17, 20:06
2063Poppa Chubby2007Festival Luna LuneraDVDViAnDErpost your link here12.01.17, 20:02
2051POPA CHUBBY2004Live New Morning New York City Blues ReveuDVDViAnDErpost your link here12.01.17, 19:51
2045Paul Butterfield Blues Band1978Tribal StompDVDViAnDErpost your link here12.01.17, 19:44
1946Paul Butterfield Blues Band1978Tribal Stompvideo!ViAnDErpost your link here06.12.16, 00:24
1880Paul Jones Drake´s Dream moppelfatherpost your link here05.11.16, 18:56
1881Paul Jones Party Dances moppelfatherpost your link here05.11.16, 18:56
1395Piano Red Lost Atlanta Tapes  post your link here08.01.16, 00:07
1241Pat McManus 2015Blues Train To Irish Town searcherpost your link here01.12.15, 12:09
1161Plain James1998Plain James (self-titled)Gig Michaels (SwampDaWamp) - lead guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars and lead vocals
Charlie Adams - drumset, percussion, marimba, tympani, bells, keyboards (synth-bass, sampled strings and horns) and background vocals.
Andre Pouliot - lead guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars and background vocals.
David Brown - acoustic guitars, lead vocals and background vocals.
Ilene Spain - Cello and keyboards.
AleXpost your link here04.11.15, 14:09
516Point Blank Demos & Outtakes swamprollpost your support here28.04.15, 08:16
56Pimp The Cat Just Live DVD Pimp The Cat In Japanmore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:00
37Papaslide You Can't Hide mojo_boypost your support here28.04.15, 07:58
764philadelphia jerry ricks and oscar klein two guitars one soul mr. bluespost your support here27.04.15, 08:10
763philadelphia jerry ricks and oscar klein low light blues mr. bluespost your support here27.04.15, 08:09

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