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Here you can ask for hard to find music (elder than 5 years!) (click on 'New' above the table).
Supporters post their links by clicking on 'post your link here' please.
Each column can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the heading of the column.

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14 selected entries:

Idartistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkdate ^
2314Charlie Craig2008The Hitmaker n0str0post your link here02.06.17, 11:03
2305Canyon2001Canyon post your link here19.05.17, 18:12
2306Canyon2003Empty Rooms  post your link here19.05.17, 18:12
2304Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds The Beginning moppelfatherpost your link here19.05.17, 15:55
2133Crow Black Chicken 2015Deep SouthFlac -> your link here04.02.17, 00:58
2086Curt Towne Band2016All or Nothin' swamprollpost your link here16.01.17, 16:27
2080Coco Montoya2006Live at Chan'sDVDViAnDErpost your link here12.01.17, 20:17
2077Charles Brown1990A Life In The BluesDVDViAnDErpost your link here12.01.17, 20:15
2074Chicago Blues Jam Vol 2 Chicago Blues Jam Vol 2DVDViAnDErpost your link here12.01.17, 20:13
2058Chris Cain 2009Savona,Italy & StackhouseDVDViAnDErpost your link here12.01.17, 19:58
1945Canned Heat1992Live At Music Hall Frankfurtvideo!ViAnDErpost your link here06.12.16, 00:24
1942Chris Booher2004Pipe Dreams Noah your link here03.12.16, 12:04
1508Chamber Bros. Oh my God zeusbierchenpost your link here16.03.16, 19:25
305Catfish Hodge2014Different strokes Omarpost your support here28.04.15, 08:10

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