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Supporters post their links by clicking on 'post your link here' please.
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50 selected entries:

Idartistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkdate ^
2422Billy Gibson1996Billy Gibson LV==> Lounge11.08.17, 06:28
2366Bergen Blues Band1982Another Blues Milepost your link here29.07.17, 22:59
2327belle roscoe  Boom Boom Detpost your link here06.07.17, 10:05
2299Blueground Undergrass1999Barnyard Gone Wrong  post your link here13.05.17, 18:47
2297Blueground Undergrass2006Faces  post your link here13.05.17, 18:46
2298Blueground Undergrass2001New Ground  post your link here13.05.17, 18:46
2202Boogie Hookers2008Can't play traditionalflac prefferredbobx2post your link here06.03.17, 08:12
2166BB and the Stingers2007New Set of Rules swamprollpost your link here22.02.17, 01:02
2164BB and the Stingers1994Self Titled swamprollpost your link here22.02.17, 00:57
2143Bluesmix2008I feel so bad CHRIS your link here09.02.17, 10:04
2122Bobby & Sue2013I'm Dead, Thanks For Asking Loumy93post your link here30.01.17, 20:08
2121Bobby & Sue2010Bobby & Sue Loumy93post your link here30.01.17, 20:07
2106Buddy Greene2007Happy Man your link here25.01.17, 00:59
2107Buddy Greene1988Slice of Life your link here25.01.17, 00:58
2071Bugs Henderson - Robben Ford - Jimmy Johnson - Johnny Copeland - Luther Allison1994Forum Leverkusen GermanyDVDViAnDErpost your link here12.01.17, 20:09
2064Bugs Henderson1985Live At ReduxDVDViAnDErpost your link here12.01.17, 20:03
2041Buddy Greene2003Pilgrimage - A Collection of Favorites n0str0post your link here07.01.17, 06:29
2031Bob "Catfish" Hodge CommunicationThe rest of the missing Hodges will be hard to findmoppelfatherpost your link here02.01.17, 06:18
2030Bob "Catfish" Hodge An Evening With Catfish Hodge moppelfatherpost your link here01.01.17, 19:51
2028Bob "Catfish" Hodge 20 Years moppelfatherpost your link here01.01.17, 19:50
2010Barry Harrison & Big Apple blues2015The Baron of the blues Omarpost your link here27.12.16, 18:12
1854Brenda Boykin2016See ya later AnnaMpost your link here27.10.16, 12:56
1690Bad News Reunion1983Last Orders Please! Milepost your link here29.07.16, 23:25
1667Big in Iowa TwistedI would have this album, but 1 track has faults. If interested in it give a short notice in chat box please. (The BluesGambler)JCpost your link here17.07.16, 10:55
1648BillyLee Janey2015Got them Iowa BluesOr any of his earliest CDs?tomstevenspost your link here26.05.16, 21:34
1631Blue Shaddy2002Live - Fine Time...West Australian band
Feralpost your link here12.05.16, 14:35
1525Bob Noble and Blue Voodoo2016Blue Rain swamprollpost your link here19.03.16, 16:03
988Big Brother & The Holding Company Fillmore West, September 1968, disc 1, 2 your support here22.08.15, 20:38
984Big Brother & The Holding Company She's the boss ( 2 CD )Dynamite Studio, your support here22.08.15, 20:31
671Beverly Jo Scott2009Best Stuff Loumy93post your support here28.04.15, 08:19
675Bill Magee 2009Good Morning MississippiBlues Chicago StyleValRaupost your support here28.04.15, 08:19
527Buddy Guy2004live Pirate EntertainmentA set of 16 Buddy Guy bootlegs recorded 'Live at Legends January 2004'. The gigs were set for Jan. 9-11, 14-17, 21-25 and 28-31. They were recorded on a night - if you were there, you could wait a bit and buy CD copies immediately after each performance as CDRs. If you can offer one of these CDs, please post the link here in the comment-section

CD Jan9: link
m lynchpost your support here28.04.15, 08:17
466Blackfoot Demos & Outtakes swamprollpost your support here28.04.15, 08:15
417Bob Brozman1977Your Pal BluesFan23post your support here28.04.15, 08:14
193Bernie Marsden And His Blues Band Stages Live AMEUpost your support here28.04.15, 08:07
195Barry Cowsill2009Barry Cowsillsearching tracks 2, 3, 13 or the complete album. More information to this albumMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:07
211Barry Richman Live at the Brandy HouseThis is a limited edition pressingcarlospost your support here28.04.15, 08:07
97Bill Mueller & Brat1979No Place Like Home The Friggahpost your support here28.04.15, 08:04
99Big Nervous Chill1996Killer Acid Jazz howard johnsonpost your support here28.04.15, 08:04
100Blue Rock'it Blues Revue1999From The Studio howard johnsonpost your support here28.04.15, 08:04
103Blues Clinic Loosen Up antoniuspost your support here28.04.15, 08:04
116Bounty Hunter1991Shadowssouthern rock band from South Carolinaswamprollpost your support here28.04.15, 08:04
79BillyLee Janey No Saints Ringin' The Bells musicloverpost your support here28.04.15, 08:02
66Brian Vasey Sea Of Emotion bluesypost your support here28.04.15, 08:01
67Billy Powell Second Time Aroundmore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:01
60Blue Monday Doing Time On HWY 44more informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:00
62Bega Blues Band Te Sponzorizezmore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 08:00
1Blues For Two In Your Reachmore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 07:55
2Blues For Two On The Radiomore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 07:55
3Blues For Two Blues For Two Promo Singlemore informationMilepost your support here28.04.15, 07:55

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