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359 entries in all:  1  201 

Id ^artistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkdate
3372Marcus Hook Roll Band Featuring Harry Vanda and George Young1981Full FileIssued on vinyl only. Very unlikely to find it as a digital downloadmoppelfatherpost your link here15.10.19, 20:09
3368Captain Morgan Express2014Urban Cowboy ceespost your link here11.10.19, 01:02
3367Bondi Cigars2015Child in the DesertFlac (lossless) if possible

Big D: if I at least had it in mp3 I would be happy for myself. Since the album is out no chance to get it (till now)
Big Dpost your link here24.09.19, 09:31
3366Funky Meters2010Live At The 2010 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival  Detpost your link here25.08.19, 11:13
3362Frank Sinatra Jr1972His Way gillespost your link here01.08.19, 01:10
3361Frank Sinatra Jr1977It's Alright gillespost your link here01.08.19, 01:10
3351Satoru Nakagawa2014Mojo Max5 songs albumMilepost your link here29.06.19, 12:29
3350Satoru Nakagawa2013Me And My Guitar5 songs albumMilepost your link here29.06.19, 12:28
3349Tokyo Tramps2000Long Way from Home7 songs album - July 2000Milepost your link here28.06.19, 23:35
3348Louis Turpin & Roger Hubbard2004House Up On The Hill loumy93post your link here24.05.19, 19:33
3347Roger Hubbard2007Out Of My Hands loumy93post your link here24.05.19, 19:32
3346Roger Hubbard2003Danger! Deep Mud loumy93post your link here24.05.19, 19:31
3342Cimarron2002Self titledsouthern rockswamprollpost your link here11.05.19, 13:53
3341The Roadies1995MoheebiaSouthern rockswamprollpost your link here11.05.19, 13:52
3340Copperheads2005Reb'd upSouthern rockswamprollpost your link here11.05.19, 13:51
3339Justus1998Self Titledsouthern rockswamprollpost your link here11.05.19, 13:51
3338Second Shot Band2015Loadedsouthern rockswamprollpost your link here11.05.19, 13:49
3335Natural Gas1976Live from the Vault moppelfatherpost your link here05.05.19, 17:06
3333Eric Quincy Tate2011Real To ReelLooking for this album for a long time

Sorry, no chance! This is one of the oldest requests and still not to find.
Ponduchpost your link here11.04.19, 05:11
3331New Orleans Bayou Band 2014Anarchy Hard Southern Rock swamprollpost your link here07.04.19, 15:20
3329Legendary Blues Band1989Woke Up With The Blues LVpost your link here07.03.19, 07:35
3325Gary BB Coleman1986Nothin' But The Blues LVpost your link here07.03.19, 07:24
3324John Klemmer1977Lifestyle (Living And Loving) LVpost your link here07.03.19, 07:17
3323John Klemmer1974Fresh Feathers LVpost your link here07.03.19, 07:16
3313Doug Sahm & Augie Meyers the Brothers Four  Songs for the Alamo (1994-08-02) moppelfatherpost your link here14.02.19, 20:00
3309The Rhythm Butchers1980Vol 1 -7requested the first time in 2016 and still not to getmoppelfatherpost your link here13.02.19, 02:33
3305Big Brother & The Holding Company:  Supper on River Rhine. moppelfatherpost your link here07.02.19, 20:25
3297Johnny Copeland1983Texas Twisterstudio album, not compilation CDBluesmaniac94post your link here16.09.18, 16:27
3292Maxwell Street with Chris Youlden2002Movin´ along moppelfatherpost your link here09.09.18, 10:49
3288 1996Guitar Showdown at the Dusk 'Til Dawn Blues FestivalFeaturing DC Minner, Flash Terry, Donald Dunn, Herbie Welch,Berry Harris, Tonny Matthews, and Lary Johnson.LVpost your link here09.09.18, 06:20
3284Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom1987Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom Patpost your link here09.09.18, 05:04
3269The Boogaloo Kings2002Leaving Las Vegas moppelfatherpost your link here29.08.18, 01:57
3267Dino's Revenge & Hollywood Fats1986Live at Madam Wong´s moppelfatherpost your link here27.08.18, 18:11
3264Tom Mc Guinness2004Double Take moppelfatherpost your link here27.08.18, 17:59
326078 Twins2011works Detpost your link here27.08.18, 16:48
3244chris aaron american standard2000live at the roadhouse excellent rare live from this excellent band franck lassal post your link here11.08.18, 13:58
3216Peter Wale1972The Memoirs Of Hakford Ward Erik your link here31.07.18, 00:29
3215The Third Edition1973Take I Erik your link here31.07.18, 00:29
3214Jim Leedy1969Help Erik your link here31.07.18, 00:03
3210Lamont Cranston Band1984Last Call Milepost your link here30.07.18, 22:13
3209Lamont Cranston Band 1986A Mesure Of Time Milepost your link here30.07.18, 22:13
3208Paul Hobbs1972Having Said That Erik your link here30.07.18, 09:41
3207Michael Fields1972Kings & Queens Erik your link here30.07.18, 09:33
3206Mike Craig1972Stuck In Phoenix Erik your link here30.07.18, 09:25
3204Elmwood St. Johns Band2002Southern Styleyour requests are one of the hardest to findswamprollpost your link here29.07.18, 17:03
3203Stampede Brothers2000Chromeyour requests are one of the hardest to findswamprollpost your link here29.07.18, 17:03
3201 1999Feeling Taxim 2 LVpost your link here28.07.18, 23:33
3195Priscilla Price I'm Not For Sale Patpost your link here28.07.18, 03:53
3190Rockin' Dopsie & The Twisters1978Zy-De-Blue Bluesmaniac94post your link here27.07.18, 22:39
3187Buckwheat Zydeco Ils Sont Partis Band1983100% Fortified Zydeco LVpost your link here27.07.18, 03:46
3186Bobby Radcliff 1985Early In The Morning LVpost your link here27.07.18, 03:46
3185Midnight Creepers1985Daytona Blues Patpost your link here27.07.18, 03:43
3184 1995The King Snake Collection: Bag O' Blues Patpost your link here07.08.18, 07:38
3181Treves Blues Band1980Two your link here22.07.18, 15:57
3176Lazy Poker Blues Band1978Take it Lazy your link here21.07.18, 13:10
3155  Beach Boogie: Shag & Swing Compilation 2 Patpost your link here19.07.18, 02:50
3143Life1981Life LVpost your link here17.07.18, 18:36
3136King Peach1980Fair Warning Patpost your link here13.07.18, 04:54
3128Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers1978No Accidentthis one seems difficultscooterHpost your link here13.07.18, 05:23
3052Jesse Strange2006Looking for some strangeonly looking for flac plz

not very likely to find it in flac
RockHardpost your link here08.06.18, 06:36
3048Norton Buffalo2008 The Spirit of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar moppelfatherpost your link here05.06.18, 15:50
3021Steve Hayes 1980Made In Tulsa  LVpost your link here15.05.18, 00:01
3019Paul Gurvitz Sweetheart Land moppelfatherpost your link here09.05.18, 17:01
3018Paul Gurvitz No Gun No Army moppelfatherpost your link here09.05.18, 17:00
3015Scotty Meyer2004Caught By Surprise

not very likely to find this album
Big Dpost your link here01.05.18, 22:15
3012Paul Camilleri2000Paul Camilleri

could be hard to find
Big Dpost your link here01.05.18, 22:16
2996George W. Carroll1996Moments Of Love  LVpost your link here27.04.18, 05:51
2978 1991Ichiban Blues At Christmas; Vol. 1link will be posted next ChristmasLVpost your link here16.04.18, 00:54
2963peter gee discografia nelsonpost your link here04.04.18, 03:34
2956El Roacho1973The Best Of El Roacho's Biggest Hits  LVpost your link here01.04.18, 00:52
2945Texas Tornados2001The Complete Live At The Limo Sessions! moppelfatherpost your link here27.03.18, 14:21
2937Sophie (Knops) Initiation/Zirkus Messajero October 2012 Detpost your link here30.03.18, 21:35
2933Paul Colman Trio2001Live - Acoustic

Cant figure download out?
Patpost your link here18.03.18, 02:10
2932Paul Colman Trio2001Live - Electric your link here18.03.18, 02:09
2914George McCann Shades of blues Ceespost your link here06.03.18, 19:37
2908Lost Southern Boys1997Out on the white linenot very likely to find a link somewhere. This request was first time posted here 3 years ago ...Detpost your link here04.03.18, 22:41
2905Big John's Rock 'N' Roll Circus1975Big John's Rock 'N' Roll Circus Act 2 Bluesmaniac94post your link here04.03.18, 14:44
2904Trey Thompson2004Holy Ground LVpost your link here04.03.18, 05:37
2870Jim Horn1972Through The Eyes Of A Horn LVpost your link here14.02.18, 17:32
2843Zorro And The Blue Footballs Rated Blue  LVpost your link here03.02.18, 05:57
2842Zorro And The Blue Footballs Zorro And The Blue Footballs LVpost your link here03.02.18, 05:53
2830Elisabeth Lee's Cozmic mojo2010Honest criminals Omarpost your link here28.01.18, 18:10
2829Cozmic Mojo201111feat. Elisabeth LeeOmarpost your link here28.01.18, 18:09
2797Ancient Harmony Skywater Noah Cpost your link here24.01.18, 14:59
2795Summer & The Sinners2005Stranger's Blues jdpriotintopost your link here21.01.18, 20:59
2781Backtrack Blues Band1983Dress it up Koldo Ortiz de Zarate Alañapost your link here12.01.18, 09:34
2769J.J. Mack1971100 Per Cent Live LVpost your link here03.01.18, 05:55
2755Jimmy Lewis And The Checkers1980Yeah, Right LVpost your link here29.12.17, 02:07
2754Floyd Pink And The O.K. Chorale1985The Prince Of Country Music LVpost your link here29.12.17, 02:07
2717Yasmine Tamar2005Tranquil n0str0post your link here09.12.17, 19:38
2685Various - Willie Kent, Snooky Pryor, Birmingham Jones, Jimmy Walker1987Chicago Blues Session Volume 1 (A)LP Wolf Records – 120.847MuddyW123post your link here28.11.17, 14:29
2681The Third Power1970BelieveExpanded Edition 20 Tracksswamprollpost your link here23.11.17, 03:14
2679Chuck Alvarez & Brian Asher1996Pines To Palms Milepost your link here21.11.17, 08:55
2670Chris Duarte & The Bad Boys1987Chris Duarte & The Bad Boysno chance to get this oneLVpost your link here16.11.17, 05:33
2630Floyd Miles & Friends1992Crazy Man LVpost your link here22.10.17, 04:20
2623 1995The King Snake Collection: Bag O' Blues LVpost your link here22.10.17, 02:59
2597 1985Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 Volumes 1-7 LVpost your link here27.09.17, 03:47
2594Joe Colombo2012Live At Tacosprobably not to find - searching it for myself since monthsJCpost your link here02.10.17, 07:34
2588 1994Blue Highway: Paving the Way to Your Soul LVpost your link here24.09.17, 02:23
2583Don Preston1974Been Here All The Time LVpost your link here23.09.17, 00:45
2580Paul King1993Houdini´s Moon your link here22.09.17, 20:32
2576Boogielicious Boogie Cocktailunlikely to findLVpost your link here22.09.17, 01:41
2575Boogielicious Route 88unlikely to findLVpost your link here22.09.17, 01:41
2551 1978The Green AlbumPilgram Productions Ltd. ‎– PPL 7702LVpost your link here15.09.17, 05:49
2550 1977The Tulsa SamplerPilgrim Productions Ltd. ‎– PPL 7701LVpost your link here15.09.17, 05:47
2543Pina Kollars1995However, ...Plain [EP 5 tracks] your link here13.09.17, 03:04
2524Clarence Creek Band2003Cigarettes, Guitars and Gasolineunlikely to findswamprollpost your link here07.09.17, 08:39
2501JR Clark2009Alive At The Midway Tavern Josepost your link here31.08.17, 11:37
2488Tab Benoit2007Live at 2007 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage FestivalThese New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival issues are all hard to find. Let's see what I can do. Patience seems important.JCpost your link here21.08.17, 17:54
2486Tab Benoit2004Live at 2004 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival These New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival issues are all hard to find. Let's see what I can do. Patience seems important.Jcpost your link here21.08.17, 17:53
2481Choozy Mothers2003Low Keyprobably not to getswamprollpost your link here18.08.17, 01:56
2480Choozy Mothers2002Red Hot Mamaprobably not to getswamprollpost your link here18.08.17, 01:56
2479Choozy Mothers1998Chooz Thisprobably not to getswamprollpost your link here18.08.17, 01:56
2478Choosy Mothers1997Self Titledprobably not to getswamprollpost your link here18.08.17, 01:56
2477AXL Halftime1997Self titledprobably not to getswamprollpost your link here18.08.17, 01:56
2476Steele Breeze2000Deadman's Handprobably not to getswamprollpost your link here18.08.17, 01:56
2460 2002Blind Pig Records 25th Anniversary Collection LVpost your link here13.08.17, 02:46
2453 1995Bag O' Blues - The King Snake Collection LVpost your link here13.08.17, 00:30
2448Midnight Creepers1985Daytona Blues LVpost your link here13.08.17, 00:28
2440The Cold Cuts1982Meat The Cold Cuts! LVpost your link here13.08.17, 00:19
2366Bergen Blues Band1982Another Blues Milepost your link here29.07.17, 22:59
2365Hungry John With His Bergen Blues Band1983Blues Hit Me Milepost your link here29.07.17, 22:58
2334Keith & The Satellites ‎2003Uh-Oh, It's Keith & The SatellitesAfter a hat-trick.

Sorry! No chance to get this one. Searching it for myself since years.
Rexpost your link here15.07.17, 16:50
2328Otis Clay2006Live In Switzerland 2006Rockbeat Records
Release date 7/16/2016
2 CD

320 if possible - THANKS!!!!
Mikepost your link here08.07.17, 09:08
2320Tracy Moore2001The Collection your link here12.06.17, 06:29
2314Charlie Craig2008The Hitmaker n0str0post your link here02.06.17, 11:03
2304Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds The Beginning moppelfatherpost your link here19.05.17, 15:55
2296Fear Not1993SameFlac if possiblebobx2post your link here13.05.17, 07:35
2283Paul James Band1987Paul James Band your link here07.05.17, 02:40
2282Paul James Band1984 Almost Crazy your link here07.05.17, 02:41
2272JB Walker and the Cheap Whiskey Band2009Seven Keys to the Citysearching this album since years for myself. Probably not to get.swamprollpost your link here07.05.17, 02:59
2271JB Walker and the Cheap Whiskey Band1994Harley's In Heavensearching this album since years for myself. Probably not to get.swamprollpost your link here07.05.17, 02:59
2265The Kilborn Alley Blues Band2003The Kilborn Alley Blues Band your link here28.04.17, 07:43
2255Steve Gibbons Band2012There & Now Vol 1 moppelfatherpost your link here23.04.17, 19:45
2233Hank The Knife2011Six Bass ManDutch band, Rock 'N' Roll/Surf/Spaghetti Western, real Low Note Twangy guitar.FHonkyTonkpost your link here05.04.17, 18:34
2229Git Gone1995Rockin' TunesJim Stringer (Lead Guitar). Hillbilly/Rockabilly/Rock 'N' Roll - It's hard to find!FHonkyTonkpost your link here30.03.17, 04:32
2215Dr. Zoot2006Pay the Viper gillespost your link here16.03.17, 23:11
2214Dr. Zoot2004Live at Swing City gillespost your link here16.03.17, 23:11
2204incognito1996bittersweetflac preferred

working on the re-up, but not in flac
bobx2post your link here06.03.17, 11:08
2202Boogie Hookers2008Can't play traditionalflac prefferredbobx2post your link here06.03.17, 08:12
2201Vdelli2009Compendiumflac preferredbobx2post your link here06.03.17, 08:04
2186McGuinness Flint2002Malt & Barley Blues moppelfatherpost your link here27.02.17, 22:04
2177Scott Sharrard2008Analog/Monolog Omarpost your link here24.02.17, 10:35
2166BB and the Stingers2007New Set of Rules swamprollpost your link here22.02.17, 01:02
2164BB and the Stingers1994Self Titled swamprollpost your link here22.02.17, 00:57
2147Dustin Pittsley Band2011Palm Trees and Trailer Parks bobpost your link here10.02.17, 02:38
2145Various Artists2012The Latin Blues your link here10.02.17, 03:03
2129Rayburn Anthony My Car Won't Start Josepost your link here02.02.17, 19:04
2125Various Artists1994Levi's La Musique - La Pub Levi's En Musique your link here01.02.17, 00:11
2121Bobby & Sue2010Bobby & Sue Loumy93post your link here30.01.17, 20:07
2119Get The Cat2009Live - Sensenhammer '09 Loumy93post your link here28.01.17, 17:33
2107Buddy Greene1988Slice of Life your link here25.01.17, 00:58
2106Buddy Greene2007Happy Man your link here25.01.17, 00:59
2100Michael Parks1998Coolin' Soup 99outlawpost your link here22.01.17, 15:44
2041Buddy Greene2003Pilgrimage - A Collection of Favorites n0str0post your link here07.01.17, 06:29
2031Bob "Catfish" Hodge CommunicationThe rest of the missing Hodges will be hard to findmoppelfatherpost your link here02.01.17, 06:18
2028Bob "Catfish" Hodge 20 Years moppelfatherpost your link here01.01.17, 19:50
2023Dave Davies Bugged....Live moppelfatherpost your link here29.12.16, 19:43
2022Kathi McDonald & Ruben Trjo Some Mo moppelfatherpost your link here29.12.16, 19:42
2005jamiah on fire and the red machine2012Taken Stages swamprollpost your link here25.12.16, 19:50
1989Twogether2011Big BrothersSimon Oslender - organ, fender rhodes, piano
Jérome Cardynaals - drums
Detpost your link here20.12.16, 16:34
1985Kicca & Intrigo2009Sssschh Loumy93post your link here17.12.16, 19:19
1942Chris Booher2004Pipe Dreams Noah your link here03.12.16, 12:04
1885Manfreds Makin´ Tracks moppelfatherpost your link here05.11.16, 19:02
1884Manfreds 50th Anniversary moppelfatherpost your link here05.11.16, 19:01
1881Paul Jones Party Dances moppelfatherpost your link here05.11.16, 18:56
1880Paul Jones Drake´s Dream moppelfatherpost your link here05.11.16, 18:56
1866Mike D´Abo1988Tomorrow´s Troubadour moppelfatherpost your link here29.10.16, 15:31
1865Mike D´Abo1978Indistructible moppelfatherpost your link here29.10.16, 15:30
1826Red Hot Blues Sisters2005Flood in the basement AnnaMpost your link here02.10.16, 17:45
1809Hardin & York1981Hardin & New York Julianepost your link here23.09.16, 12:48
1738Nicky Moore1994Mister Big Stuff Julianepost your link here04.09.16, 12:21
1730Nicky Moore's Blues Corporation1994Just Got Back Julianepost your link here04.09.16, 12:10
1678Mungo Jerry and Horizon1984Boogie Upprobably very hard to findzoppotrumppost your link here16.07.16, 18:36
1637Archie Lee Hooker & Carl Wyatt's Delta Voodoo King Straight from the heart Omarpost your link here19.05.16, 18:12
1631Blue Shaddy2002Live - Fine Time...West Australian band
Feralpost your link here12.05.16, 14:35
1587Double Shot Band2003Blue Moon Bar and Grill swamprollpost your link here14.04.16, 23:52
1575South of Heaven Band2002Outlaws swamprollpost your link here13.04.16, 03:40
1570Mellow Yellow & The Boogaloo Kings2000Uppertown Blues your link here09.04.16, 09:20
1544Ralph Woodson2002Thank you swamprollpost your link here27.03.16, 16:59
1541Ralph Woodson2011Purple Haze swamprollpost your link here27.03.16, 16:56
1536The Rhythm Butchers1980Meat the Rhythm Butcher Vol 1 - 4 zeusbierchenpost your link here25.03.16, 18:51
1535The Boogaloo Kings2002Boogaloo Lady your link here09.04.16, 09:06
1533The Fantastic Boogaloo Kings2007Live in Switzerland your link here09.04.16, 09:05
1526Dallas Hodge2007Reelin´ moppelfatherpost your link here19.03.16, 19:49
1510Mungo Jerry Boogie Up moppelfatherpost your link here16.03.16, 21:48
1508Chamber Bros. Oh my God zeusbierchenpost your link here16.03.16, 19:25
1507Mitch Ryder Good Golly Ask OlliEPzeusbierchenpost your link here16.03.16, 17:36
1506Alan Price Geordie Roots & Branches moppelfatherpost your link here15.03.16, 22:04
1498Manfreds Let Them Roll moppelfatherpost your link here15.03.16, 21:51
1497Manfreds Uncovered moppelfatherpost your link here15.03.16, 21:51
1470Equals Party EP zeusbierchenpost your link here27.02.16, 22:43
1433David Landon2007Live at Lou's Josepost your link here19.01.16, 23:28
1392 Lucky Lloyd 2006The Doghouse blues Omarpost your link here07.01.16, 17:51
1338The Double Shot Band2001Dixie Records Ozarkpost your link here28.12.15, 16:30
1298The Others1982Collectors Item Milepost your link here18.12.15, 14:06
1277Highway Robbery1986Keep on ridin´ Ozarkpost your link here08.12.15, 16:26
1243Johnny And The Drivers1983This must be the Night borharrispost your link here01.12.15, 22:15
1242Johnny And The Drivers1984Homing In On Zero borharrispost your link here01.12.15, 22:14
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359 entries in all:  1  201 

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