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2669Various Artists1973Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972 Patsendit.cloud/0p8eufcyo2qrLogan V29.05.18, 08:45
2408Various Artists1997Back Porch Blues LVuserscloud.com/aef7sjnwusalLogan V04.02.18, 01:37
3001Van Galen Band2017Back To The Blues Vol.3 [Rock]@flac sendit.cloud/g3i305let9o1Premium24.01.19, 01:59
2945Van Galen Band2015Back To The Blues, Vol. 2 [Rock]@flac sendit.cloud/mnfpk1xbrernPremium19.11.18, 07:21
2740Various Artists1993Beach Blast: Shag & Blues Compilation, Vol. 1 LVsendit.cloud/a4ipmopfonfg 13.07.18, 04:43
2687Various Artists1995Black Top Blues Vocal Dynamite! LVsendit.cloud/sc5xz1vhx2tj 08.06.18, 06:34
2668Various Artists Black Top Blues-A-Rama: A Budget Sampler Patsendit.cloud/9nl3grlvpa5jLogan V29.05.18, 08:44
2699Various Artists1995Blues Costume Party LVsendit.cloud/favownan2rok 14.06.18, 09:18
2205VA1995Blues Live From Mountain Stage n0str0novafile.com/c44vdy2vk3ppweb-link22.10.17, 13:04
3005Victor Wainwright & The Wildroots2015Boom Town [Blues]@flac sendit.cloud/61xcddhx0t12Premium26.01.19, 02:13
1864Van Broussard1997By Special Request Noahuserscloud.com/et7arzm0vtda 30.03.17, 09:49
2426Various Artists1971Crazy, Baby, Crazy!!Rare Vertigo Records compilation LP with Beggars Opera, Buddy Miles, Hotlegs, Juicy Lucy, Sabbath etc. 1fichier.com/?0evvbhaqqsThe Friggah10.02.18, 23:00
2826Various Artists1996Dynamite! - Black Top Instrumental Blues  LVsendit.cloud/1l9a735dvv6i 12.08.18, 16:11
2676Various Artists1985Explosive LVuserscloud.com/hhqcgivy0bmcLogan V02.06.18, 00:28
2867Various Artists1997Feeling Taxim@flac anonfile.com/96r7g1h7b7/Various_Artists_1997_Feeling_Taxim_flac_Blues_Rock_rar 09.09.18, 02:43
2818Various Artists1997Feeling Taxim 1977-1997 LVsendit.cloud/via0abelqctr 04.08.18, 05:28
2715Various Artists Genuine Houserockin' Music, Vol. 1 Patuserscloud.com/tbulwb3zrry0Logan V08.07.18, 14:09
2716Various Artists Genuine Houserockin' Music, Vol. 2 Patuserscloud.com/zik1nukz2ortLogan V08.07.18, 14:10
2717Various Artists Genuine Houserockin' Music, Vol. 3 Patuserscloud.com/nzbgbw7gj8b8Logan V08.07.18, 14:11
2718Various Artists Genuine Houserockin' Music, Vol. 4 Patuserscloud.com/8vwx6zitln6rLogan V08.07.18, 14:11
2719Various Artists Genuine Houserockin' Music, Vol. 5 Patuserscloud.com/vn0s00lbzywhLogan V08.07.18, 14:12
2754Vargas Blues Band2013Heavy City Blues@flac sendit.cloud/q45wqq59ahykPremium15.07.18, 18:48
2946Various Artists2014Jazzhaus Records Compilation [Pop_Rock]@flac sendit.cloud/jefaoqphyo08Premium03.12.18, 19:10
3192Vargas Blues Band2018King Of Latin Blues [Blues]@flac sendit.cloud/eakdar8fw3m5Premium09.09.19, 00:01
3119Vince Vallicelli2017La Fevra [Blues]@flac sendit.cloud/n5f4ov1om0o5Premium12.07.19, 00:32
2772Various Artists Living Chicago Blues - Volume 1 Patsendit.cloud/xptsi6915ifj 19.07.18, 09:19
2773Various Artists Living Chicago Blues - Volume 2 Patsendit.cloud/ug47ms3sg9ah 19.07.18, 09:20
2774Various Artists Living Chicago Blues - Volume 3 Patsendit.cloud/16fignltpe2w 19.07.18, 09:20
2775Various Artists Living Chicago Blues - Volume 4 Patsendit.cloud/qpia8bcnwd8m 19.07.18, 09:20
1189Victor Wainwright2005Piana from Savannahthe link on SBR will be fixed. Thank you for the information about it! mega.nz/#!18wGAJ7Q!fIrTuVVl_0W4_fzG2ekrw3UbFEVs-rtShp3dhd-SLaMMile30.12.15, 01:11
2619Various Artists1990Prime Chops: Blind Pig Sampler Patsendit.cloud/8i0kja413yeyLogan V30.04.18, 04:33
2620Various Artists1993Prime Chops: Blind Pig Sampler, Vol. 2 Patsendit.cloud/ehdm9hef2rd8Logan V30.04.18, 04:33
935Various Artists Real Australian Blues (4CDs)  mega.co.nz/#!iYFmQaIZ!hPn7GtIxNrKORjESwXYqtTqfP3r-8VEhRnElLbPdmfsFeral P.30.09.15, 06:37
2904Van Galen Band2012Shut Up And Get Up [Rock]@flac sendit.cloud/chvdtan5o7h0 13.10.18, 21:39
2814Various Artists The King Snake Collection: Bag O' Blues Vol. 2 Patsendit.cloud/r1za75hsiu5g 07.08.18, 07:41
3166Various Artists1992The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down [Rock]@flac my-files.ru/42wuyt 18.08.19, 04:55
2753Various Artists1991Top Of The Stax (Twenty Greatest Hits) Vol. 2@flac sendit.cloud/2oahjcm95xm1 15.07.18, 18:47
2672Various Artists1991Top of the Stax: Twenty Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 Patsendit.cloud/1xlo5rgoaexy 30.05.18, 08:43
2819Various Artists2012Topcat Records 20th Anniversary Extravaganza  LVsendit.cloud/a6qhxtdw7yk8 04.08.18, 10:26
2763Various Artists VARIOUS - BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS Vol. 2 : Crushers (1968-1977) USA (14 Demented Fuzz-Faced Monsters From The USA)Great 14 song comp of obscure 60s & 70s Heavy Blues Rock/Hard Psych sounds 1fichier.com/?p66a3vs7c12ret14nw3oThe Friggah18.07.18, 00:03
3294Vetrhus Bluesband1995Vetrhus Bluesband [Blues]@flac my-files.ru/xr6pzz 11.01.20, 02:01
2985Van Galen Band2010Waterstock 2010 [Rock]@flac sendit.cloud/aovkrk35vjs0 13.01.19, 05:33
2079Victoria Spivey with Lonnie Johnson 1962Woman Blues! (Reissue) (1962/1994)@Flacferalturbobit.net/ckfbukb3h46e.htmlWeb - Link24.08.17, 09:40

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