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Id ^artistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkuploaderdate
1325Rodgau Monotones1984Volle Lotte, 09:09
1324Dan Granero2012Time To Wake Up, 05:25
1323Dan Granero2011Time To Live, 05:24
1322Rodgau Monotones1983Fluchtpunkt Dudenhofen, 00:19
1321Sandy & The Wild Wombats2015The Girl Can't Help ItNot my rip (on web), 00:17
1318BAXTER1974Dance Of Delight (aka The Unreleased Album)Unreleased 1974 album by excellent Prog/Psych/Blues/Hard Rock band from Connecticut USA. Friggah10.05.16, 08:15
1317THE STORM1974Concierto En EstudioExcellent Spanish Hard Rockers live at RTVE Television Studios for Spanish TV Friggah10.05.16, 08:15
1316THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES (T.S.O.O.L.)1999Quart FestivalFM Broadcast from Quart Festival, Kristiansand, Norway 09/07/1999 Friggah10.05.16, 08:15
1315AC/DC1976BBC Radio 1 SessionBBC's Maida Vale Studios, London, UK 03/06/1976 Friggah10.05.16, 08:15
1314Dennis Glen Avina2014Voodoo Man 04.05.16, 22:43
1313Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings2016Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings - The Kings of Rhythm Volume 1: Jump Jive and Wail [4CD Box Set] (2016) Lossless!.57gb 46 tracks over 3hr playtime

2016 four CD set. This box contains the first four releases from Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, the good-time 10-piece band that Bill Wyman put together after leaving the Rolling Stones in 1992. The band has a core rhythm section, but features a revolving combination of all-star guest front men and women
Both links working today, 08:27
1309Little Joe Blue Discography (1972-2005) CHRIS, 20:11
1308Ben Harper & the innocent criminals2016Call it what it is, 07:37
1307Devil Blues2006Demo Cratic Sessions CHRIS, 21:34
1306Dee Lavell2012Mama told me, 19:10
1304Josh Smith2015Over Your Head, 21:47
1302Danielia Cotton2008Rare childPW:, 01:23
1301Natalia M. King2016Bluezzin t'il dawn, 17:00
1299Delbert McClinton2005Cost of Living320 My Rip, My Link, 16:10
1298The Angels (Australia)1990Angel City Face To Face [Reissue 1990], 01:07
1297The Angels (Australia)1978Face to Face, 01:06
1296The Angels (Australia)1977The Angels, 01:06
1295The Angels (Australia)1990Beyond Salvation, 01:05
1294The Angels (Australia)1980Face to Face (USA), 01:09
1293The Angels (Australia)1980Dark Room, 01:03
1292The Angels (Australia)1979No Exit, 01:03
1291The Angels (Australia)1981Night Attack, 01:03
1290The Angels (Australia)1980La Trobe University, 01:02
1289The Angels (Australia)1984Two Minute Warning, 01:01
1288The Angels (Australia)1983Watch The Red, 01:01
1287Janiva Magness1996My Bad Luck Soul320 (My Rip, My Link), 01:16
1286John Miles1980Sympathy 10.04.16, 19:56
1285Miller Anderson2009From Lizard Rock!part1

townes Mile06.04.16, 22:05
1284Miller Anderson 4 postsall posts have at least 1 working, 21:08
1283Carolyn Wonderland2001Alcohol & salvation, 15:13
1277Big Jim Adam2008Rock Island Line 26.03.16, 13:18
1276Big Jim Adam2013Cajun Moon 26.03.16, 13:14
1275Big Jim Adam & John Stilwagen2011Present Tippy's Barn: Issue 8 'The Raid', 11:11
1272Kozmic Blue2014Home, 17:59
1271Jennie Devoe2014Radiator:The Bristol Sessions, 17:55
1270Janet Ryan2013Mama soul, 17:53
1269Freedonia2014Dignity and freedom, 17:47
1268Vance Kelly1999Live At Lee's Unleaded Blues (Chicago Blues Session Vol. 59), 23:28
1267Marianne Faithful1966Faithful Forever ... 16.03.16, 13:56
1266Alan Price1987Whales of August 16.03.16, 08:04
1264The Mighty Lemon Drops1990Laughter 13.03.16, 14:22
1263Robert Cray2014The Robert Cray Band Studio Discography (17 albums in FLAC)17 albums from Robert Cray band 1980-2014
FLAC 6.47gb in size you will need a torrent client to download. link didn't work on previous entry, 05:56
1260South Paw1980South PawSouth Paw - 1980 - South Paw [192], 03:19
1259Warren Haynes1993Live at Emerson College Boston 1993, 18:24
1257Edgar Broughton Band2007The Ones That Nearly Got Away 29.02.16, 08:45
1256Augie Meyers2010Trippin' out on Triplets 28.02.16, 20:28
1255Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings2005Live, 17:30
1252Anni Piper - 2004Jailbat:-)Pedro, 07:22
1251The Hamburg Blues Band2013Friends for a Livetime 14.02.16, 09:21
1249Lazy Poker Blues Band1996Halsted Sessions, 03:55
1248Lazy Poker Blues Band1994Halsted, 03:54
1247Corey Dennison2013Live In Chicago 12.02.16, 20:01
1246Troy Turner1990Teenage Blues In Baton Rogue, 01:50
1244 Paul Butterfield 2015 Paul Butterfield - Complete Albums 1965-1980 (2015) [13CD Box Set]!3 Albums all in FLAC approx 4GB
Turbobit and Hitfile links working 28/1, 16:10
1234Ray Charles1991The Birth of Soul: The Complete Atlantic Rhythm and Blues Recordings, 1952-59 Box SetFLAC

FLAC mirror, 18:54
1230Professor Longhair2008The Complete New Orleans Recordings 1949-57, 02:41
1227Ronnie Barron Smile of Life 14.01.16, 11:22
1225Ronnie Barron Singing in my soul 13.01.16, 23:40
1224Deacon Jones1994Makin' Blues History Vol. 1, 22:32
1222Tuts Washington1983New Orleans Piano Professor, 01:06
1221Piano Red Piano Red Rocks 08.01.16, 18:59
1220Igor Prado Band2010Watch Me Move!, 21:26
1216Chris O'Leary2015Gonna Die Tryin'post has working links 05.01.16, 16:04
1215Jimmy Burns2015It Ain't Rightpost has working links 05.01.16, 16:04
1214Lester Butler2015Live in Taminespost has working links 05.01.16, 16:04
1211Mike Henderson1994Country Music Made Me Do it 04.01.16, 14:18
1207Gary Moore & Mick Jagger1992We want Moore Jagger - live at Hammersmith Odeon , London, 11:31
1199Mister B.1986Shining the Pearls, 22:58
1197Mighty Joe Young1997Mighty Man, 22:18
1195Crowsaw2014Smoke & Feathers 31.12.15, 01:39
1193Mama's Blues Joint2014Changes, 15:15
1192Lilly Martin2015Right Now, 15:08
1191Lilly Martin 2013Roadhouse Mission (Live), 15:07
1190Willie Hill2000Some Love & Peace 30.12.15, 13:06
1189Victor Wainwright2005Piana from Savannahthe link on SBR will be fixed. Thank you for the information about it!!18wGAJ7Q!fIrTuVVl_0W4_fzG2ekrw3UbFEVs-rtShp3dhd-SLaMMile30.12.15, 01:11
1183Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88‘s1993Shakin' The Shack, 20:32
1181Laura Rain & The Caesars2017Closeruse jDownloader to get this album:, 16:22
1180Laura Rain & The Caesars2013Electrifiedpassword:, 16:21
1179Doyle Bramhall II Doyle Bramhall II 28.12.15, 08:15
1174Mitch Woods1988Mr. Boogies Back in Town, 18:11
1167David Grissom2014How It Feels To Flyuse jDownloader to get this album:, 02:52
1165Sven Zetterberg2003Moving in the right direction 22.12.15, 22:53
1164Travis Haddix Its my time now: the best of 22.12.15, 22:51
1163Sven Zetterberg Soul of a Man 1990-99 22.12.15, 03:14
1161Sven Zetterberg2012Mileage, 01:25
1157Richard Clapton1979Hearts On The Nightline -coverFront coverPedro Newton20.12.15, 21:36
1155Richard Clapton1979Hearts On The Nightlinefront cover Newton21.12.15, 00:25
1154Ralph De Jongh2015Sun Coming Up, 01:09
1147Lance Lopez 2007Higher Ground, 16:49
1146Lance Lopez 2004Wall Of Soul, 16:49
1145Lance Lopez 2010Salvation From Sundown, 16:49
1144Lance Lopez2006Simplify Your Vision, 08:20
1143Lance Lopez2007Live, 08:19
1142Colosseum2009Morituri Te Salutant, 08:17
1138Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers2015Live in, 06:40
1137The Helland Brothers Band2014Murky Dream 14.12.15, 00:07
1136Dr. John1975Hollywood Be Thy Name, 22:39
1135The Concussions2012Fall In Love with The Concussions 13.12.15, 09:28
1132Sunset Heights1995Born in Houstonpost has at least 1 working, 17:30
1131Sunset Heights1999Medicine Hatpost has at least 1 working, 17:30
1129Deanna Bogart2012Pianoland 12.12.15, 09:08
1123Deanna Bogart Just a wish away  11.12.15, 12:16
1119Jon Cleary2015GoGo Juice Mr. 11.12.15, 05:50
1115The Concussions2014Break Up With The Concussions 11.12.15, 04:35
1110Taj Mahal1996Phantom Blues 02.12.15, 21:50
1109The Buddaheads2015Something New, 03:31
1108Buddaheads2015Something New, 18:16
1106Big Papa and the TCB Six Pack of Cool 28.11.15, 20:03
1104Big Papa and the TCB Buckshot Love 28.11.15, 19:21
1102Johnny Nash1969Prince of Peace 25.11.15, 03:38
1101Johnny Nash1959I Got Rhythm 25.11.15, 03:37
1100Johnny Nash1969Soul Folk 25.11.15, 03:15
1099Johnny Nash & Kim Weston1969Johnny Nash & Kim Weston 25.11.15, 03:14
1098Johnny Nash1968Hold me tight, 02:38
1097The Ventures Surf in Galaxy, 11:56
1096Innes Sibun2000East Monroe, 03:03
1094Mud Morganfield & Kim Wilson2014For Pops (A Tribute To Muddy Waters)PW: nota304, 19:36
1093Junior Watson 2012Jumpin’ Wit Juniorcover

use jDownloader to get this album:, 02:52
1092The Madeira2014Sonic Cataclysm 23.11.15, 08:29
1091The Madeira2008Carpe Noctem 23.11.15, 02:02
1090The Madeira2006Ruins 23.11.15, 01:52
1089The Madeira2005Sandstorm 23.11.15, 01:51
1088The Madeira2012Tribal Fires 23.11.15, 01:50
1087The Madeira2015Ancient Winds 22.11.15, 20:34
1085Lurrie Bell2012The Devil Ain't Got No Music@320, Full Art and Info, 12:39
1083EUPHORIA1981BBC Radio SessionBBC Maida Vale Studios 11/12/81 Friggah22.11.15, 12:33
1081MONTROSE & JOE SATRIANI2012Reunited For RonnieRegency Ballroom, SF, 3/3/12 Friggah22.11.15, 12:34
1080Rhino Bucket  Get Used To It Newton22.11.15, 12:34
1079Gone Hepsville2014Lotsa Rhythm 20.11.15, 04:15
1074The Ventures J-Rock Summer Wind Melodies In Memories, 11:24
1073The Alpha Ventures Yellow Jacket, 11:23
1071BB & The Blues Shacks2003Blue Avenue, 04:42
1068Sue Foley & Various Artists 2005Blues Guitar Women CD2 + covers CD2 + covers:

Not found how to put all in one box !, 09:18
1067Sue Foley & Various Artists 2005Blues Guitar Women (2CD)CD1:, 09:17
1065The Bluesbones2015Saved By The Blues, 09:16
1064The Muggs2015Straight Up Boogaloo (2015), 09:16
1058Carolyn Wonderland2008Miss Understood, 02:09
1056Anne McCue2003Roll 08.11.15, 02:19
1055Anne McCue2008East of Electric 08.11.15, 00:23
1054Anne McCue2000Amazing Ordinary Things 07.11.15, 23:34
1053Anne McCue2012Broken Promised Land 07.11.15, 17:57
1052Anne McCue2006Koala Motel 07.11.15, 17:19
1050The Ventures In My Life, 06:47
1049The Ventures Rocky!, 06:47
1048Bob Spalding The 5th Venture, 17:33
1047Bob Margolin1993Down In The Alley 04.11.15, 15:55
1046Bob Margolin2007In North Carolinacover

Password: James, 15:04
1045Bob Margolin1990Chicago Blues, 15:01
1044Bob Margolin1999Hold Me To it, 14:58
1043The Ventures2000Walk Don't Run, 06:05
1039The Ventures Seaside Story, 20:16
1038The Ventures Pops A La Carte, 06:03
1037The Ventures SAY YES, 06:02
1036The Ventures Flyin High, 06:01
1031Samantha Fish2015Wild Heart, 00:35
1030Carl Weathersby Restless Feeling 31.10.15, 20:21
1029Carl Weathersby Come to Papa 31.10.15, 20:20
1028The Ventures Plays Southern All Stars - Tsunami, 02:23
1027The Ventures Play Southern All Stars, 02:22
1025Chris Duarte2014Lucky 13cover, 07:26
1024The Ventures EP Collection vol 3, 06:07
1023The Ventures2013Then, Now, And Forever, 15:45
1022Jay Farrar 2001Sebastopol 28.10.15, 21:16
1021Robert Belfour2003Pushin' My Luck Mike 28.10.15, 19:27
1020Charles Caldwell2004Remember Me Mike, 19:17
1019Michael Hill's Blues Mob2012Godesses and Gold 28.10.15, 14:27
1018Bachman2015Heavy blues, 13:26
1017Kenny Blues Boss Wayne2014Rollin' with the blues boss, 12:31
1016BDL (Blues Deluxe)2014Retributionuse jDownloader to get this link:, 13:32
1015Michael Hill's Blues Mob2001Larger Than Life, 08:43
1012Scott Holt2001Angels In Exile, 08:06
1010Scott Holt1999Dark of the Night, 08:04
1008The Ventures Underground Fire (1969) & Hollywood Metal Dinamic Sound (1975), 00:05
1007The Ventures2000Play Kayama Yuzo, 00:03
1006The Whiskey Prophets2014Recoil, 21:46
1005Albert Castiglia2002Burn 26.10.15, 19:26
1004The Ventures2013The Ventures Play Yuming, 22:06
1003Eye To Eye 1983 Shakespeare Stole My Baby 25.10.15, 21:14
1002The Electric Indian 1969Keem-O-Sabe 22.10.15, 22:44
1000Fat Daddy Blues Band2005Love And Kill Me, 07:55
999Bobby Radcliff2011Freaking Me Out 21.10.15, 23:53
998Bobby Radcliff1991Universal Blues 21.10.15, 21:37
997Bobby Radcliff2004Natural Ball 21.10.15, 21:32
996Lee Ritenour - Stolen Moments (19901990Stolen Moments (1990)Links at bottom of page, both worked when tried, 17:47
995Lee Ritenour - 2015A Twist Of Rit [Japanese Edition] (2015)working links at bottom of page, +some links to other Lee Rittenour albums, 17:47
992Collard Greens And Gravy1999Collard Greens And Gravy, 07:14
991Three Kings Three Kings, 07:10
990The Stray Roots2012Voodoo & Magic, 07:09
989The Hot Shots Volume 1, 07:08
988Dirty York2013Feed The Fiction, 07:06
987Collard Greens And Gravy2004Silver Bird, 07:05
980 Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat1993Radio Mojopassword: nota304Pedro, 04:21
978Heymoonshaker2015NoirChoose MP3 or FLAC
Omar web-link10.10.15, 13:30
973Ray Bailey2012Cruisin For A Bluesin 09.10.15, 23:57
970Dave Hole1993Working Overtime P.09.10.15, 07:45
968Dave Hole1996Whole Lotta Blues P.08.10.15, 18:37
967Dave Hole1999Under The Spell P.08.10.15, 18:36
966Dave Hole2003The Live One P.08.10.15, 11:34
965Dave Hole1997Ticket To Chicago P.08.10.15, 11:33
964Dave Hole1992The Plumber P.08.10.15, 10:44
963Dave Hole1992Short Fuse Blues P.08.10.15, 10:44
960Dave Hole2002Blues Profile P.07.10.15, 16:07
959Dave Hole1999Bird's Eyes Blues P.07.10.15, 16:07
958Dave Hole2001Outside Looking In P.07.10.15, 14:21
957Dave Hole2007Rough Diamond P.07.10.15, 14:03
955Ash Grunwald2015Now P.07.10.15, 04:57
954Ash Grunwald2010Hot Mama Vibes P.07.10.15, 04:31
953Ash Grunwald2008Fish Out Of Water P.07.10.15, 04:24
949Albert Cummings2012No Regrets, 11:43
947Cadillac Kings2004Highway 17, 16:02
946Cadillac Kings2001Lou Ann, 16:01
945Byther Smith1997I'm A Mad Manthe post has even 2 working, 15:27
944Byther Smith2004Throw Away The Bookthe post has even 2 working, 15:25
939BraveHeart 2015 Dedicated To My Heartdownload every single track for free from their soundcloud page, 18:15
938Don Ray Band2012Full Throttle 01.10.15, 14:58
937Fiona Boyes2009Blues Woman P.01.10.15, 06:42
936Rob Tognoni20092010dbpart1:

Loumy93 web-link01.10.15, 00:14
935Various Artists Real Australian Blues (4CDs)!iYFmQaIZ!hPn7GtIxNrKORjESwXYqtTqfP3r-8VEhRnElLbPdmfsFeral P.30.09.15, 06:37
934Rob Tognoni2014Rock And Roll Live!WQ9TTaRS!xNi529DMfK6n8wGPwVuF7amG6N0fP5z1rF9doyX45JIFeral P.30.09.15, 06:27
933Rob Tognoni2005Shakin' the Devil's Hand P.25.09.15, 23:46
931Rob Tognoni Monkeygrinder P.24.09.15, 14:28
930Ash Grunwald2014Ash Grunwald P.24.09.15, 11:26
929Ash Grunwald2012Trouble's Door P.24.09.15, 10:30
928Ash Grunwald2002Introducing Ash Grunwald P.22.09.15, 07:29
927Rob Tognoni2012Boogie Like You Never Did P.22.09.15, 07:28
926Rob Tognoni2012Art P.22.09.15, 05:48
925Rob Tognoni2014The Lost Album P.22.09.15, 05:47
924Rob Tognoni2012Energy Red P.22.09.15, 05:46
923Rob Tognoni2013Casino Placebo P.22.09.15, 05:45
920The Snowdroppers2013Moving out of Eden P.20.09.15, 13:55
919Ash Grunwald2006Give Signs P.20.09.15, 13:53
918The Snowdroppers2015Business P.20.09.15, 13:50
917 Skyla Burrell Band2014Blues Scarsmirror1

Pedro, 12:02
915Bone Jack2015The River Wide P.18.09.15, 01:02
914Don Airey2014Keyed Up P.17.09.15, 17:28
913Old Gray Mule2010Sound Like Somethin' Fell Off The House, 00:00
909Rachelle Plas2012Profile 14.09.15, 19:24
907Long Black Sedan2009Louisiana Prison, 14:27
905Cry of Love1997Diamonds & Debrischeck this link and you will find more than you requestedPedro, 06:01
904Tom Killner2015Hard Roadmirror-link 1

mirror-link 2, 03:43
903CW Ayon2015Enough To Be Proud, 02:43
900Ian Collard2014Swamp Stomp And Boogie P.05.09.15, 08:47
899The Giants2013Live at Lipton Drive P.05.09.15, 05:31
898Fiona Boyes2015Box & Dice P.05.09.15, 05:24
897Mason Rack Band2015Big Bad Machine P.05.09.15, 05:17
895Link Wray20153-Track Shack (1971 - 73)!rUkFGaya!zOEFqdOn2ICmFfyNgpx79pu4945pggznYPvja8yDPPUBig D05.09.15, 08:49
894Chain2013The History of Chain (Remastered)!GJ9kAKTb!UH_vrxVTz10vjPVWTbJMI1l-lXaI0kZaNE4NzV2kveQFeral P.05.09.15, 04:52
893Western Flyer1979Live To Survive P.05.09.15, 04:38
892Phil Manning1974I Wish There Was A Way P.05.09.15, 04:35
890Chain2001Top of the Cross - Bootleg P.05.09.15, 04:16
889Chain1989Blue Metal P.05.09.15, 04:14
887Divin Ducks  Rapes The World 1992
An Eye For An Eye 1994
Brewed And Bottled – Alive! 1998
Both Ends Burning 1998'%20DucksMile04.09.15, 21:31
885Deb Callahan2008Grace and Grit, 17:49
884Lizard2004Live Zeltspektakel, 14:38
883Linda Valori2013Days like thisuse jDownloader to get this link:, 11:26
878Backsliders2014Dark Side P.03.09.15, 20:07
876T-Model Ford2000She Ain't None of Your'n, 19:47
875T-Model Ford2002Bad Man, 19:46
865Ash Grunwald2013Gargantua P.01.09.15, 00:06
864Kenny Brown 4 albums4 albums posted on my previous blog. At least the mirror-links (mega) are working (check the qr-code-labels). If you want more, please post the album title in request, 19:12
862John Gorka2009So Dark You See Noah 29.08.15, 18:37
860John Gorka2001Company you keepmirror-linkNoah, 16:13
859John Gorka2003Old Futures Gone Noah, 16:06
858John Gorka2014Bright Side of Down Noah, 16:04
857Joe Pug2015Windfall Noah, 16:01
856Dog Soldier1975Dog Soldier, 19:54
854Chris Hicks2000Live & Kickin, 08:22
850Temperance League2014The Night Waitsgarage rock rock & roll 25.08.15, 02:50
849Temperance League2013Rock And Roll Dreamsgarage rock rock & roll 25.08.15, 02:49
844Wade Jackson2013Goodbye Rain, Hello Sunshine 24.08.15, 11:05
841Wade Jackson2015Whiskey Alpha Delta Echo 23.08.15, 23:05
840Mahalia Barnes & The Soul Mates2015Ooh Yea: The Betty Davis Songbook (feat. Joe Bonamassa)mirror-link

or in FLAC, 22:49
839Laurie Morvan Band2011Breathe, 22:26
838The Betty Fox Band2015Slow, 22:21
837Dave Getz Breakaway With Kathy McDonald2010Can't Be The Only OneModern Rock songs and instrumentals with Blues, Jazz and modern music influences (cdbaby), 22:16
830Dropkick2013Style 21.08.15, 21:43
829Dropkick2008Dot The I 21.08.15, 21:43
828Dropkick2007Turning Circles 21.08.15, 21:43
826Dropkick2006Obivious 21.08.15, 18:56
821Soul Shine Society2014Smackpond Street Studio Sessions 21.08.15, 08:55
817Zach Ryan & The Renegades2013RenegadeWe recorded and mixed this record ourselves in Zach's living room in Nashville, Tn. It's raw, real, and honest rock 'n roll. (Zach Ryan & The Renegades) 18.08.15, 00:35
816Anderson East2015The Muscle Shoals Session - Live From Fame, 00:19
815Zach Ryan & The Renegades2012Terrible TownTumbleweed music for coyotes and 18.08.15, 00:05
811Shurman2012InspirationIt probably says a lot for this band that they can play classic country rock and then veer into a soulful blues, yet despite that diversity still retain their own stamp of individuality. (!HUNhlT6S!_VHGx9UcKvGxjOsJD43IieWjCMptoSlMNntC0iR64HM, 01:26
809Leaf Hound2006Live At Halfmoon, Putney, London 13.08.15, 09:37
803Somebody Wrong Bluesband & Friends2012... Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens, 08:28
802Janis Joplin "Blown all my blues away", - Retrospective 1962-1970PW:!w511jLBD!NiQerm0u4lXLJy2b-CNShjMe-tJNjFkCuHDOUp8HdR4web-link05.09.15, 08:51
800Blues Cat2004live at the blue sky tavern, 21:02
799Janis Joplin Discography On the blog: Muro do Classic, 17:36
798Janis Joplin2009The Woodstock Experience, 11:00
797Janis Joplin1969Texas International Pop Festival, Dallas, TX, 30th August 1969, 10:54
796Cee Cee James2012Blood Red Blues, 13:14
795Gallery1972Nice To Be With You 03.08.15, 03:09
793Kathi McDonald1974Insane, 00:19
792Kathi McDonald1999Above And Beyond, 00:16
791Cee Cee James2009Seriously Raw - Live At Sunbanks, 00:11
790Cee Cee James2010Low Down Where The Snakes Crawl, 00:09
789Tommy Castro2007Painkiller, 19:05
788Matt Enright200712 Steps Of MusicBlues Rock solo album by E-City/Emerald City guitarist. Friggah01.08.15, 08:57
787E-City2013PureGreat Hendrixy Blues Rock by Canadian trio formerly known as Emerald City in the 70s. Friggah01.08.15, 08:57
786E-City2010Beyond The DawnGreat Hendrixy Blues Rock by Canadian trio formerly known as Emerald City in the 70s. Friggah01.08.15, 08:57
785ROY LAST GROUP1983Goodtimes AheadGood Bluesy Rock/Hard Rock by James Last's son. Friggah01.08.15, 01:58
783Quincy Jones1982The BestNot really the stuff I would post on the blog, but if somebody likes this kind of music; why, 00:39
782Marquise Knox2011Here I Am 22.07.15, 05:57
780Larry McCray2000Believe It, 04:31
779Paul Jones2015Suddenly i like, 18:37
777Fabrizio Poggi & Chicken Mambo2015Spaghetti Juke, 08:26
776Marco Pandolfi2015No dog in the hunt, 07:48
775Guided By Voices 2002Universal Truths And Cycles 09.07.15, 02:31
773Aaron Lordson2006When The Movie Is Sad for you, 12:04
772Johnny & The Rest2013Wolves In The Night 08.07.15, 13:35
770Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes & Terry 'Harmonica' Bean2014Twice As Hard 22.06.15, 09:10
769Cee Cee James2012Blood Red Blues, 07:05
768Anders Osborne2012Black Eye Galaxy Chris, 22:52
767Mike Henderson2015Mike Henderson – If You Think It’s Hot Here, 22:52
766Malina Moye2014Rock & Roll Baby (EP), 07:58
761Buzzard Creek2011Detour 05.06.15, 03:09
760Wolf!2008Anvils Of Pain 05.06.15, 02:07
759Tony Haan2015Audiovisual, 13:44
755Frank Bang & The Secret Stash 2013Double Dare, 01:07
747Rockin' Johnny Band2012Grim Reaper 27.05.15, 06:38
745G. Love & Special Sauce2001Electric Mile 18.05.15, 03:29
744Laurie & The Sighs1980Laurie & The Sighs 17.05.15, 12:34
742Tad Robinson2015Day into night, 02:19
741Davy Knowles2015The OutsiderA Web D08.05.15, 23:49
740Solly2009You Know What You Should DoSolly - 2009 - You Know What You Should Do [320]
Found on Web D08.05.15, 23:46
739Howlin' bill2009Live At Ancienne BelgiqueWith greetings from BB to, 14:53
737Van Dyke Parks2013Songs Cycled 28.04.15, 13:19
736Bobby Sweet2011Cowboys and Poets mr. 28.04.15, 10:50
735Corey Harris & Rasta Blues Experience2015Live from Turtle Island! 28.04.15, 08:26
734Van Dyke Parks1972Discover America 27.04.15, 11:23
731Agent Provocateur1997Where The Wild Things Aredownload ifolder link with, 07:23
729Greg Nagy2011Feel toward none D20.04.15, 05:00
728Lazy Lester2011You Better Listen D20.04.15, 04:59
726Randy Bachman2015Heavy blues Chris, 08:32
722Andy Bown1979Good Avice 11.04.15, 16:15
721Bill Jennings2014Architect of Soul Jazz: The Complete Early Recordings, 1951-1957CD1

CD1 mirror


CD2 mirror
BluesFan23  04.04.15, 16:13
720Layla Zoe2015Live at Spirit of 66, 18:52
716Harrison Kennedy2015This is from here, 11:50
702Carbon Leaf Ghost Dragon Attacks Castle Noah, 20:55
692Doghouse Sam & his Magnatones2012Buddha blue, 15:50
630Supertramp2014Crime Of The Century (1974) [Deluxe Edition]part1


PW: zinhof
AC web-link11.02.15, 23:42
578Fortune1985Fortuneremastered 20.01.15, 16:00
532Kid Rock2012Rebel Soul Chris, 16:34
420Garbageman Fss & Sound Shop Band2014Jackson Prision BluesA tribute to the late great Johnny Cash, a parity to his great song "Folsom Prison" this is Jackson Prison Blues 14.11.14, 07:45
417Joanne Shaw Taylor2013Songs From The Roadpassword to open file : laspikedeLycmusic (respect L), 14:44
337Ace Frehley2013Other OrbitsA Selection Of Guest Appearances With Other Artists
The Friggah23.10.14, 00:12
283Rose Tattoo Family Album: Rare Blooms Volume 2 Friggah03.10.14, 05:54
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