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16 selected entries:

Id ^artistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkuploaderdate
1693Woody Mann2011Originals Stephen 07.01.17, 06:11
1689Widespread Panic2010Live in the Classic City II (part2), 02:38
1688Widespread Panic2010Live in the Classic City II (part1), 02:38
1558Wreckin' So2014Hillbilly Blues Live off the Floor@flac 25.12.16, 09:54
1526Wendy Rich2016It's All Nothing@flac 23.12.16, 23:21
1493WHITE LIE1979Live On WZUURadio broadcast from Scott Finch's 70's Rock band. Friggah02.10.16, 09:10
1443Willie Kent1998Make room for the blues CHRIS!mcZkTL5b!8ocn4l0RrhOe46MzYvwX8eimdtY0gtY4pKK6X1DQA2oweb-link07.09.16, 15:42
1380Waco Brothers2000Electric Waco Chair Noah 09.07.16, 14:07
1379Waco Brothers1995To the Last Dead Cowboy Noah 09.07.16, 14:07
1350Willie Nelson1998Nashville Was the Roughestprobably not exactly what you are searching, but this album has the same tracklist as the requested, 21:05
1259Warren Haynes1993Live at Emerson College Boston 1993, 18:24
1190Willie Hill2000Some Love & Peace 30.12.15, 13:06
893Western Flyer1979Live To Survive P.05.09.15, 04:38
844Wade Jackson2013Goodbye Rain, Hello Sunshine 24.08.15, 11:05
841Wade Jackson2015Whiskey Alpha Delta Echo 23.08.15, 23:05
760Wolf!2008Anvils Of Pain 05.06.15, 02:07

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