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24 selected entries:

Id ^artistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkuploaderdate
2548Various Artists Swamp Gold 3 31.03.18, 13:57
2512Various Artists Whats This I Hear? The Sound Of Tulsa 1957-61 16.03.18, 09:32
2427Various Artists1979Maxell Jazz Sampler 11.02.18, 01:35
2426Various Artists1971Crazy, Baby, Crazy!!Rare Vertigo Records compilation LP with Beggars Opera, Buddy Miles, Hotlegs, Juicy Lucy, Sabbath etc. Friggah10.02.18, 23:00
2408Various Artists1997Back Porch Blues V04.02.18, 01:37
2373Various Artists1993Let The Big Dog Eat : Wild Dog Blues Sampler, Vol. 1 V22.01.18, 01:59
2311Various Artists1995Bullseye Blues Christmas 17.12.17, 18:22
2310Various Artists2001An Austin Rhythm and Blues Christmas 17.12.17, 18:22
2265Van Wilks2016Bombay Tears@flac, 08:15
2205VA1995Blues Live From Mountain Stage, 13:04
2079Victoria Spivey with Lonnie Johnson 1962Woman Blues! (Reissue) (1962/1994) - Link24.08.17, 09:40
2071Various Artists2014Kings Of The Blues Guitar@ape

CD1: Albert King
CD2: B.B. King
CD3: Freddy King, 10:45
2068Various Artists1970Handle With CareJames Gang, B.B. King, Freedom etc Friggah18.08.17, 01:49
1977Vance Kelly2014Live At Kingston Mines@flac, 19:02
1976Various Artists1994Levi's Music: Les Musiques Des Pubs Levi's@flac 26.06.17, 18:15
1962Various Artists2005The Very Best Of Blues Brother Soul Sister 30.05.17, 00:56
1947Various Artists2001Levi's Compilation - Twisted Music To Fit 11.05.17, 11:43
1934Various Artists2004Under The Influence: A Jam Band Salute to Lynyrd Skynyrd 07.05.17, 18:03
1928Various Artists2012Ladies Night In (3 CD)@flac 04.05.17, 18:25
1864Van Broussard1997By Special Request 30.03.17, 09:49
1813Vasti Jackson2013New Orleans: Rhythm soul blues, 10:17
1605Various Artists2007Tribute To Bluesman Jimmy Red~3,8 GB 6 rar files

here is a txt file with the links in it 08.12.16, 04:00
1189Victor Wainwright2005Piana from Savannahthe link on SBR will be fixed. Thank you for the information about it!!18wGAJ7Q!fIrTuVVl_0W4_fzG2ekrw3UbFEVs-rtShp3dhd-SLaMMile30.12.15, 01:11
935Various Artists Real Australian Blues (4CDs)!iYFmQaIZ!hPn7GtIxNrKORjESwXYqtTqfP3r-8VEhRnElLbPdmfsFeral P.30.09.15, 06:37

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