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100 selected entries:

Id ^artistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkuploaderdate
2509The Savage Rose1968In The Plain@flac 14.03.18, 01:50
2495The Innocence Mission 1989The Innocence Mission 05.03.18, 13:48
2481The William Clarke Blues Band1988Rockin' The Boat V26.02.18, 08:11
2455The Watchmen2001Slomotion@flac 18.02.18, 18:53
2453The Shadows1992Party Tuff Or Stay Home 18.02.18, 17:50
2436The Mighty Flyers1985From The Start To The Finnish V11.02.18, 09:38
2416The Bel Airs1991Dangerous Curves 08.02.18, 16:15
2415The Bel Airs1999Hoodoo Party 08.02.18, 16:14
2410Trrigger Hippy2014Trrigger Hippy, 23:48
2406The Jimi Hendrix Experience1998BBC Sessions@flac 03.02.18, 06:12
2404The Watchmen1998Silent Radar@flac 31.01.18, 03:07
2396Texas Cannonballs2014Texas Cannonballs, 01:46
2394Tim Gonzalez2004Straight from the Heart V26.01.18, 07:10
2387Travis 'Moonchild' Haddix1988Wrong Side Outthe smiley hides a working Mega, 00:45
2377The Peter Mayer Group2011Under Your Spell (live) V22.01.18, 18:24
2375The Carvin Jones Band1999Live In London vol.2 22.01.18, 06:36
2374The Carvin Jones Band1999Live In London vol.1 22.01.18, 06:35
2369The Carvin Jones Band1998Live At Joe's Grotto 21.01.18, 20:50
2366The Watchmen1996Brand New Day@flac 18.01.18, 18:29
2361The Snowy White Blues Project2010In Our Time...Live, 18:29
2354The Watchmen1994In The Trees@flac 06.01.18, 12:09
2353The Watchmen1993McLarenFurnaceRoom@flac 04.01.18, 06:15
2352The Moody Marsden band2000the night the guitars come to play 01.01.18, 19:34
2347The King1997Gravelands 30.12.17, 08:09
2334The Milligan Vaughan Project2017MVP, 05:26
2329The Almost Three2017Three@flac, 03:21
2325Thomas Toussaint Band2016Groovin' On Up@flac, 05:17
2323Tom Gillam and Tractor Pull Live Somewhere In America Play Loud DIg Deep 25.12.17, 07:04
2319Taxim Records1993Truckin' My Blues AwayPlease open your eyes and check the labels section before you flood the requests for posts which are already posted and have working, 12:01
2301The Polka Dots1962Strictly For Kicks...@flac 16.12.17, 07:10
2280The Watchmen1998Live Radar 03.12.17, 11:45
2279The Watchmen2001Slomotion 03.12.17, 11:28
2276The Watchmen1998Silent Radar 01.12.17, 17:22
2275The Watchmen1996Brand New Day 01.12.17, 17:22
2274The Watchmen1994In The Trees 01.12.17, 17:21
2273The Watchmen1982McLarenFurnaceRoom 01.12.17, 17:20
2272Ten Years After2014The Name Remains The Same@flac, 09:03
2216The Knack2007Time Time Time, 05:22
2213Tom Larsen Band 1987Lookin' For Trouble 28.10.17, 17:35
2207The Bluzblasters1989Get Blasted, 11:57
2187The Struts2014Everybody Wants@flac, 10:00
2175The Blues Magoos2014Psychedelic resurrection, 18:56
2166The Dave Chastain band1980Rockin RoulettePW:!XtIEyAwB!-TmBqG_ymT0GBERuoKzRHW-o6wZkE42_AdUQHoXc2UAweb-link28.09.17, 08:02
2155The Mighty Reapers1997The Hurt is On, 08:13
2153Terence Blanchard2013Magnetic@flac, 08:00
2138T.D. Bell1992It's About Time 16.09.17, 03:31
2136Terence Blanchard feat. The E-Collective2015Breathless@flac, 04:04
2124The Struts2014Everybody wants, 08:54
2086The Marc Tanner Band1979No Escape 29.08.17, 10:11
2070The Dave Edmunds Band1987I Hear You Rockin': The Hits Live@flac 18.08.17, 08:09
2051Tommy Z2016Blizzard of blues, 13:46
1980Tommy Z2013Sometimes@flac, 23:08
1979The Apocalypse Blues Revue2016The Apocalypse Blues Revue@flac, 07:08
1961The Cadillac Three2013Tennessee Mojo@flac, 10:50
1925The Rings1981The Rings@aif 04.05.17, 00:56
1914Ted Leo & The Pharmacists2010The Brutalist Bricks@flac 26.04.17, 18:26
1909The Solid Senders1997Dig my wheels Chris, 18:54
1906The Rolling Stones2016Blue & Lonesome@flac, 09:55
1903The Untouchables1989Agent 00 Soul 18.04.17, 19:10
1894The Delta Saints2015Bones@flac, 00:17
1893The Delta Saints2014Live At Exit In@flac, 00:15
1892The Delta Saints2013Death Letter Jubilee@flac, 02:03
1881The Silver Cadillacs (Featuring Hank The Knife)2000First Gear 05.04.17, 21:06
1873Terry & The Pirates1979Too Close For Comfort@flac 01.04.17, 20:16
1851The Planet Rockers2014Return Of The Planet Rockers 24.03.17, 16:32
1850THE RED AND THE BLACK1992The Red And The BlackMore obscure B.O.C. relations. Friggah24.03.17, 11:39
1846The Wild Berrys2002Oh Well Oh Well, 19:46
1837Ted Leo And The Pharmacists 2010The Brutalist Bricks 12.03.17, 17:31
1786The Rings1981The Rings 15.02.17, 01:31
1741Twogether1973A Couple Of Times@flac 29.01.17, 13:09
1726The 44's2015On The 13th 21.01.17, 08:21
1682The Dave Getz Breakaway With Kathy McDonald2010Can't Be The Only One 30.12.16, 09:25
1662The Concussions2008Magic Fingers 25.12.16, 01:27
1653Third Time 'Round2016Tell Me 28.12.16, 00:44
1652The Veldman Brothers2014Livin' By The DayBluesrock

Mirror, 01:51
1651The Veldman Brothers2012Bringin' It To You LiveBluesrock

Mirror, 01:50
1650The Veldman Brothers2011Spreadin' AroundBluesrock

Mirror, 01:49
1649The Veldman Brothers2007HomeBluesrock

Mirror, 01:48
1648Trampled Under Foot2008May I Be, 18:28
1637The Radiators  Radiators Live at Tipitina's - SNAFU on 1997-05-01, 16:30
1602THE MYSTICK KREWE OF CLEARLIGHT2012Live From The HangarNice boot of the band's reunion/final gig. Friggah06.12.16, 22:17
1579The Delta Saints2014Live at Exit/in 25.12.16, 10:52
1578The Delta Saints2015Bones, 18:56
1571Tim Williams2015So Low@flac 24.12.16, 13:44
1570Tim Williams2013Blue Highway@flac 24.12.16, 13:45
1562Tommy Schneller Band2016Backbeat, 21:41
1536The Blues Band2005These Kind of Blues 30.10.16, 02:51
1524The Big Swamp2016Heavy Load@flac 23.12.16, 23:20
1522The 5 Royales1995The Apollo Sessions@flac 20.10.16, 15:11
1512The Marcus King Band2014Soul insight, 13:54
1509The Eric Street Band 20162016Across The Board@flac 23.12.16, 23:14
1496Taste2006Wall to WallPW: aoofc!oJZygLLa!KV587xpqq5wopNVVSKDvA_sTEZ9YNpfBNSMUTSDsthcweb-link05.10.16, 02:27
1495Taste2015I'll Remember!zZsiGara!v4PbNX_g9ROP7aOgtP0x1b-tLal6GNY0m_dEaJ4hWmcweb-link05.10.16, 02:16
1492TOBY JUGG2014WETS 89.5 Session10 song radio session from 70's Tennessee Southern Rock band. Friggah02.10.16, 09:10
1456Tad Robinson2015Day into night Chris, 19:57
1442The Nicky Moore Band1981The Year of the LieNot sure if this is what you are searching for, 02:50
1426Treat Her Right1986Treat Her Right Mirror 02.09.16, 16:35
1390The Blasters Non Fiction & Hard Line, 11:04
1360Toni Lynn Washington2003Been so long, 17:04
742Tad Robinson2015Day into night, 02:19

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