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35 selected entries:

Id ^artistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkuploaderdate
1887Sweet Pain2014I Believe In Your Lovin'@flac, 03:26
1816Spirit2007Salvation... The Spirit Of '74 Randy 02.03.17, 03:02
1806Spoonful Of Blues2003Three Car Garage 26.02.17, 08:58
1805Spoonful Of Blues2007Black Sheep 26.02.17, 08:57
1804Scott Sharrard & the Brickyard band2012Scott Sharrard & the Brickyard band 25.02.17, 01:49
1803Scott Sharrard2009Ante up 25.02.17, 01:48
1765Screaming Iguanas of Love Wild Wild Wild 09.02.17, 02:45
1759Shane Dwight2014This, 02:34
1723Sloe Gin Gypsies2016Hallowed Ground@flac 21.01.17, 20:25
1614Skinny Molly2014Here For A Good Time 25.12.16, 11:03
1594Steve Krase2013Someday@flac 25.12.16, 10:00
1565STARVATION ARMY1981Stranger In My Room 7"Rare 45 by obscure UK band formerly known as ARKITEX.
B-Side is a tribute to John Lennon. Friggah20.11.16, 10:36
1539Say Zuzu1997Take These Turns 30.10.16, 03:55
1505Stevie Ray Vaughan2015Happy New Year Blues 11.10.16, 05:21
1410Steel River1980Armoured CarCanadian Blues Rock/Hard Rock band's 3rd & final LP. Friggah11.08.16, 07:14
1405Steven Seagal2004Songs From The Crystal Cave, 01:30
1404Steven Seagal2007Mojo Priest, 01:28
1353Steve Krase2014Buckle Up CHRIS, 21:42
1321Sandy & The Wild Wombats2015The Girl Can't Help ItNot my rip (on web), 00:17
1260South Paw1980South PawSouth Paw - 1980 - South Paw [192], 03:19
1165Sven Zetterberg2003Moving in the right direction 22.12.15, 22:53
1163Sven Zetterberg Soul of a Man 1990-99 22.12.15, 03:14
1161Sven Zetterberg2012Mileage, 01:25
1132Sunset Heights1995Born in Houstonpost has at least 1 working, 17:30
1131Sunset Heights1999Medicine Hatpost has at least 1 working, 17:30
1068Sue Foley & Various Artists 2005Blues Guitar Women CD2 + covers CD2 + covers:

Not found how to put all in one box !, 09:18
1067Sue Foley & Various Artists 2005Blues Guitar Women (2CD)CD1:, 09:17
1031Samantha Fish2015Wild Heart, 00:35
1012Scott Holt2001Angels In Exile, 08:06
1010Scott Holt1999Dark of the Night, 08:04
821Soul Shine Society2014Smackpond Street Studio Sessions 21.08.15, 08:55
811Shurman2012InspirationIt probably says a lot for this band that they can play classic country rock and then veer into a soulful blues, yet despite that diversity still retain their own stamp of individuality. (!HUNhlT6S!_VHGx9UcKvGxjOsJD43IieWjCMptoSlMNntC0iR64HM, 01:26
803Somebody Wrong Bluesband & Friends2012... Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens, 08:28
740Solly2009You Know What You Should DoSolly - 2009 - You Know What You Should Do [320]
Found on Web D08.05.15, 23:46
630Supertramp2014Crime Of The Century (1974) [Deluxe Edition]part1


PW: zinhof
AC web-link11.02.15, 23:42

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