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33 selected entries:

Id ^artistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkuploaderdate
2292Roy Last Group1983Goodtimes Ahead Friggah08.12.17, 03:37
2251Ronnie Earl And The Broadcasters1991Surrounded By Love 23.11.17, 17:05
2249Rockin' Jimmy & The Brothers Of The Night1980By The Light Of The Moon 23.11.17, 17:03
2237Rockin' Jimmy & The Brothers Of The Night1982Rockin' Jimmy & The Brothers Of The Night 15.11.17, 05:02
2223Reed Turchi2016Speaking in shadows 05.11.17, 18:15
2191Randy Hansen2000Tower Of Love 11.10.17, 04:05
2182Ron Spielman Trio2012Electric Tales@flac 05.10.17, 07:23
2181Robin Trower2016Where You Are Going To, 18:11
2180Robin Trower199420th Century Blues, 18:09
2179Robin Trower1997Someday Blues, 18:07
2178Robin Trower2017Time And Emotion, 18:02
2104Rick Vito1992King Of Hearts@flac 03.09.17, 13:54
2103Rival Sons2016Hollow Bones@flac, 10:20
1983Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters2016Maxwell Street@flac, 08:54
1967Ruthie Foster2017Joy Comes Back24 bit flac file
480mb, 06:01
1899Rich Harper2010Live In Scandinavia 15.04.17, 22:11
1890Ron Hacker2012Live In San Francisco 13.04.17, 00:05
1787Raphael Imbert & Co2016Music Is My Home - Act 1@flac, 15:53
1720Rick Gibson Band2016Junkyard Son@flac 21.01.17, 03:21
1335Rodgau Monotones2008Ein Leben für Lärm, 02:47
1333Rodgau Monotones1992Ein schönes Durcheinander, 02:46
1332Richard Koechli 2011Howlin' With The Bad Boys320Kbps + covers, 17:17
1331Richard Koechli & Blue Roots Compagnie 2008Laid-back 192 Kbps + covers, 16:32
1330Richard Koechli 2002Blue Celtic Mystery 192 Kbps + covers, 16:30
1326Rodgau Monotones1990Sieben, 09:10
1325Rodgau Monotones1984Volle Lotte, 09:09
1322Rodgau Monotones1983Fluchtpunkt Dudenhofen, 00:19
1234Ray Charles1991The Birth of Soul: The Complete Atlantic Rhythm and Blues Recordings, 1952-59 Box SetFLAC

FLAC mirror, 18:54
1227Ronnie Barron Smile of Life 14.01.16, 11:22
1225Ronnie Barron Singing in my soul 13.01.16, 23:40
936Rob Tognoni20092010dbpart1:

Loumy93 web-link01.10.15, 00:14
934Rob Tognoni2014Rock And Roll Live!WQ9TTaRS!xNi529DMfK6n8wGPwVuF7amG6N0fP5z1rF9doyX45JIFeral P.30.09.15, 06:27
283Rose Tattoo Family Album: Rare Blooms Volume 2 Friggah03.10.14, 05:54

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