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74 selected entries:

Id ^artistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkuploaderdate
2360Lazy Eye2016Pocket The Black: Live At Chapel Lane@flac, 04:24
2355Little Mike And The Tornadoes1998Hot Shot, 03:08
2342Linsey Alexander2014COME BACK BABY, 16:46
2332Little Joe Mclerran2009Believe I'll Make A Change 27.12.17, 22:56
2327Little Joe Mclerran2008Live At Last 26.12.17, 08:22
2303Lisa Mann2016Hard Times, Bad Decisions@flac, 10:47
2299Lisa Mann2014Move On@flac, 07:08
2298Larry McCray2014The Gibson Sessions@flac, 07:07
2286Lisa Lystam Family Band2016Give You Everything@flac, 07:05
2285Lisa Lystam Family Band2014When Money's Runnin' Out@flac, 07:05
2278Laurence Jones2016Take Me High@flac, 05:37
2277Laurence Jones2015What's It Gonna Be@flac, 05:36
2271Lino Muoio2016Mandolin Blues: The Piano Session@flac, 09:02
2270Layla Zoe2016Breaking Free@flac, 09:02
2269Layla Zoe2015Live At Spirit Of 66@flac, 09:01
2267Lara Price2015I Mean Business@flac, 00:50
2238Leburn Maddoxx ( 3rd Degree Leburn)2010This too will change, 05:27
2232Luigi Anada Boys1978Feeling The CeilingRare UK private press. Great harmony guitars like early Wishbone Ash. Friggah13.11.17, 06:26
2230L V Banks2000Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear 10.11.17, 10:53
2228L V Banks2001Ruby 09.11.17, 22:01
2218Little Milton2004The Blues Is Alright: Live At Kalamazoo, 23:59
2211Lee McBee And The Passions199544 27.10.17, 13:30
2169Lonnie Brooks, Long John Hunter, Phillip Walker1999Lone Star Shootout 29.09.17, 03:57
2164Long John Hunter1997Swinging From the Rafters, 07:24
2163Long John Hunter1998Ride with Me, 07:23
2142Lightnin' Moe2004Undercover Lover 16.09.17, 07:49
2139Lucky Peterson1989Lucky Strikes, 18:55
2118L.A. Blues Alliance2007What A Life@ flac!91YW0awD!_Eq2laCvXrqfULC-kUARsJPiaHwI5MDiDU0zcRIuM6okayaker6306.09.17, 05:31
2072Little Mike & The Tornadoes1990Heart, 19:36
2064Little Bob 1993lost territories 15.08.17, 23:23
2019Little Bob2005The Gift 05.08.17, 14:23
2015Larry Johnson1996Fast & Funky 29.07.17, 19:12
2014Lydia Pense & Cold Blood1976Lydia Pense & Cold Blood 28.07.17, 02:43
1954Leela James2005A Change Is Gonna Come@wav 18.05.17, 06:53
1908Larry Griffith2006High wire walkin' Chris, 18:51
1904Larry Garner & Michael van Merwyck2014Upclose and personal, 22:20
1834Luke Escombe & The Corporation2014Live On The Coast 12.03.17, 13:07
1820Los Skeletone Blues2014Operation Avalon, 22:52
1802Los Skeletone Blues2008Third Skeletone from the Sun, 09:36
1799Leela James Discography (2005-2014) 6CD2005 - A Change Is Gonna Come
2006 - Live At The House Of Blues
2009 - Let's Do It Again
2010 - My Soul
2012 - Loving You More... In The Spirit Of Etta James
2014 - Fall For You, 03:11
1766Los Coronas2013Adios Sancho 10.02.17, 03:09
1764Los Coronas2010El Baile Final... De Los Locos Y Los Cuerdos 09.02.17, 02:22
1714Little Boys Blue2016Tennissippi 16.01.17, 17:50
1709Love Affair2015Time has not changed us 12.01.17, 18:30
1678Lee Roy Parnell1992Love Without Mercy 29.12.16, 07:07
1668Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul 2005At Rockpalast 1982 Grugahalle, Essen & August 1984 Loreley (DVD)not exactly what you are searching for - it's the video of this concert as 26.12.16, 04:52
1622Lil' Dave Thompson2006Got To Get Over YouMp3 @320
Genre Blues, 04:27
1621Lil' Dave Thompson2001C'mon Down To The DeltaMp3 @320
Genre Blues, 04:25
1620Lil' Mo'$ & The Unholy 42014RaptureGenre Rockabilly
Mp3 @320, 18:21
1619Lil' Mo'$ & The Unholy 42015The Big PayoffGenre Rockabilly
Mp3 @320, 18:19
1559Larry Coryell & Badi Assad & John Abercrombie2003Three Guitars@flac 15.11.16, 19:42
1468Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials2012Jump Start, 15:08
1467Layla Zoe2013The Lily, 08:16
1466Layla Zoe2012Sleep Little Girl, 08:15
1465Layla Zoe2007Hoochie Coochie Woman, 08:13
1464Layla Zoe2009The Firegirl, 08:12
1463Layla Zoe2015Live At Spirit Of 66 Part 1, 08:12
1462Layla Zoe2015Live At Spirit Of 66 Part 2, 08:11
1461Layla Zoe2016Breaking Free, 08:10
1460Layla Zoe2006Shades Of Blue, 08:09
1457Luke Winslow-King feat. Esther Rose2013The Coming Tide 15.09.16, 00:01
1393Love Childs Afro Cuban Blues Band 1975Out Among 'Em 17.07.16, 19:50
1346Lazer Lloyd2015Lazer Lloyd mirror, 20:39
1345Lazer Lloyd2004Higher Ground mirror, 20:33
1309Little Joe Blue Discography (1972-2005) CHRIS, 20:11
1192Lilly Martin2015Right Now, 15:08
1191Lilly Martin 2013Roadhouse Mission (Live), 15:07
1181Laura Rain & The Caesars2017Closeruse jDownloader to get this album:, 16:22
1180Laura Rain & The Caesars2013Electrifiedpassword:, 16:21
1147Lance Lopez 2007Higher Ground, 16:49
1146Lance Lopez 2004Wall Of Soul, 16:49
1145Lance Lopez 2010Salvation From Sundown, 16:49
1144Lance Lopez2006Simplify Your Vision, 08:20
1143Lance Lopez2007Live, 08:19

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