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21 selected entries:

Id ^artistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkuploaderdate
2559Herbie Hancock1973 Head Hunters@flac 02.04.18, 20:21
2414Henry McCullough Hell of a Record 08.02.18, 16:13
2389Harry Manx2013Om Suite Ohm@flac, 06:47
2247Hard Days2016Hard Days@flac, 07:49
2229Hired Help Band1982Gangbusters Tom/, 00:35
2221HowellDevine2014Modern Sounds Of Ancient Juju@flac, 09:16
2220HowellDevine2013Jumps, Boogies & Wobbles@flac, 07:17
2219Husky Burnette2016Ain't Nothin' But A Revival!@flac, 04:10
2215Harper2016Live At The Soup Kitchen@flac, 07:35
2214Hamish Anderson2016Trouble, 17:43
2200Honey Creek2016Devil's Lullaby@flac, 06:13
2053HayMarket Riot2017Sampler 2016@wav, 07:15
2010HOT JAM1979Hot Jam [compilation]Comp album of Iowa Hard Boogie band '75-'79 Friggah27.07.17, 09:50
1982Hamburg Blues Band2013Friends For A LIVEtime@flac, 08:50
1839Hurricane Ruth 2017Ain't Ready For The Grave

@FLAC - Link13.03.17, 16:41
1832Hurricane Ruth2011The power of the blues...feels like a hurricanemp3, 11:28
1707Hans Bollandsås20122012 Small Town@flac 10.01.17, 03:49
1624Harry Manx 2002Wise and Otherwise, 12:29
1563Harvey Mandel1994Twist city, 23:21
1514Harry Manx2005Mantras For Madmen@flac 19.10.16, 01:45
978Heymoonshaker2015NoirChoose MP3 or FLAC
Omar web-link10.10.15, 13:30

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