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64 selected entries:

Id ^artistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkuploaderdate
1913Drive-By Truckers1998Gangstabilly@flac 26.04.17, 17:46
1911David Gogo2015Vicksburg Call@flac, 16:38
1889Dave Braulick2013A Thousand Horses@flac, 16:56
1852Double Stone Washed2002Don't stop washing 24.03.17, 21:03
1814Dan Hunter2017Angels And Dustor in flac:, 13:11
1812Devil's, 00:54
1811Devil's, 00:52
1810Danny Bryant's Redeyeband2012Night Life (Live In Holland), 00:42
1793Danny Gatton In Concert 9/9/94 20.02.17, 09:01
1792Danny Gatton & Joey Defrancessco1994Relentless 19.02.17, 02:15
1737Dave Davies1997Belly Up 29.01.17, 02:37
1730Delta Generators2016Hipshakers And Heartbreakers@flac 22.01.17, 07:20
1729Delta Generators2014Get On The Horse@flac 22.01.17, 07:19
1684Dan Patlansky2016Introvertigo@flac 01.01.17, 21:43
1675David Bromberg1977Live At The Bottom Line, New York 1977 28.12.16, 01:15
1673David Bromberg1977Live in Uttica 77, 17:43
1646Dave Davies Fortis Green 18.12.16, 18:37
1645Dave Davies Around The Gallery 18.12.16, 18:36
1603Dusty Springfield1995A Very Fine Love 06.12.16, 22:16
1600Dr. Feelgood1999On the road again 04.12.16, 01:00
1590DUMPY1984Rock The Nation EPRare withdrawn EP from Dumpy's Rusty Nuts frontman. Friggah30.11.16, 06:48
1587Dave Braulick2013A Thousand Horses 25.12.16, 10:59
1542David Shelley & Bluestone2013Trick Bag@flac 23.12.16, 23:26
1541David Wilcox2002Rhythm Of Love 03.11.16, 01:07
1487Deb Ryder2013Might just get lucky D27.09.16, 01:54
1328Dan Granero2008Live @ Cato Pub, 17:03
1327Dan Granero2009Can't Stand To Lose, 17:03
1324Dan Granero2012Time To Wake Up, 05:25
1323Dan Granero2011Time To Live, 05:24
1314Dennis Glen Avina2014Voodoo Man 04.05.16, 22:43
1307Devil Blues2006Demo Cratic Sessions CHRIS, 21:34
1306Dee Lavell2012Mama told me, 19:10
1302Danielia Cotton2008Rare childPW:, 01:23
1299Delbert McClinton2005Cost of Living320 My Rip, My Link, 16:10
1224Deacon Jones1994Makin' Blues History Vol. 1, 22:32
1179Doyle Bramhall II Doyle Bramhall II 28.12.15, 08:15
1167David Grissom2014How It Feels To Flyuse jDownloader to get this album:, 02:52
1136Dr. John1975Hollywood Be Thy Name, 22:39
1129Deanna Bogart2012Pianoland 12.12.15, 09:08
1123Deanna Bogart Just a wish away  11.12.15, 12:16
988Dirty York2013Feed The Fiction, 07:06
970Dave Hole1993Working Overtime P.09.10.15, 07:45
968Dave Hole1996Whole Lotta Blues P.08.10.15, 18:37
967Dave Hole1999Under The Spell P.08.10.15, 18:36
966Dave Hole2003The Live One P.08.10.15, 11:34
965Dave Hole1997Ticket To Chicago P.08.10.15, 11:33
964Dave Hole1992The Plumber P.08.10.15, 10:44
963Dave Hole1992Short Fuse Blues P.08.10.15, 10:44
960Dave Hole2002Blues Profile P.07.10.15, 16:07
959Dave Hole1999Bird's Eyes Blues P.07.10.15, 16:07
958Dave Hole2001Outside Looking In P.07.10.15, 14:21
957Dave Hole2007Rough Diamond P.07.10.15, 14:03
938Don Ray Band2012Full Throttle 01.10.15, 14:58
914Don Airey2014Keyed Up P.17.09.15, 17:28
887Divin Ducks  Rapes The World 1992
An Eye For An Eye 1994
Brewed And Bottled Alive! 1998
Both Ends Burning 1998'%20DucksMile04.09.15, 21:31
885Deb Callahan2008Grace and Grit, 17:49
856Dog Soldier1975Dog Soldier, 19:54
837Dave Getz Breakaway With Kathy McDonald2010Can't Be The Only OneModern Rock songs and instrumentals with Blues, Jazz and modern music influences (cdbaby), 22:16
830Dropkick2013Style 21.08.15, 21:43
829Dropkick2008Dot The I 21.08.15, 21:43
828Dropkick2007Turning Circles 21.08.15, 21:43
826Dropkick2006Obivious 21.08.15, 18:56
741Davy Knowles2015The OutsiderA Web D08.05.15, 23:49
692Doghouse Sam & his Magnatones2012Buddha blue, 15:50

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