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50 selected entries:

Id ^artistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkuploaderdate
2540Cozmic Mojo2012Southern frequency club 29.03.18, 20:37
2537Carolyne Mas1980Hold On 29.03.18, 16:50
2518Climax blues band2003Big blues ( the songs of Willie Dixon) Omar  18.03.18, 21:57
2503Crane1993345 Dgrees 09.03.18, 14:21
2484Crow Black Chicken2014Rumble Shake@flac, 02:40
2482Carlton Pearson2000Azusa Praise - Jubilee! 26.02.18, 14:01
2476Carlton Pearson 2003The Best of Azusa... yet Holdin' On 25.02.18, 09:56
2475Carlton Pearson1999Live at Azusa 3 25.02.18, 08:58
2471Carlton Pearson1997Live At Azusa 2 - Precious Memories 23.02.18, 11:58
2461Cold Blue Steel1996Headed out of Memphis V19.02.18, 02:09
2460Corey Stevens1995Blue Drops of Rain V19.02.18, 02:08
2402Canyon2001Canyon@flac 31.01.18, 01:50
2388Chris Duarte Group2014Lucky 13@flac, 01:32
2376China Moses2017Nightintales@flac, 18:02
2339Canyon2003Empty Rooms 28.12.17, 07:05
2338Canyon2001Canyon 28.12.17, 07:04
2248Chicago Bob Nelson1995Back To Bogalusa 23.11.17, 17:01
2239Carp1970Carp, 05:31
2222C. P. R. (Crosby, Pevar, Raymond)1998Live At Cuesta College@flac 05.11.17, 09:21
2208Casey Hensley2017Live, 16:48
2190Climax Blues Band2013Live At Rockpalast@flac, 08:13
2184C. P. R. (Crosby, Pevar, Raymond)1998Live At Cuesta College@flac


part2 05.10.17, 23:08
2099Chris Duarte Group2008Vantage, 21:27
2087Christian Collin2015Spirit Of The Blues@flac, 07:59
2084Chase Walker Band2016Not Quite Legal@flac, 07:11
2083Canned Heat With John Lee Hooker2015Carnegie Hall 1971@flac, 06:39
2061Coco Montoya 1997Just Let Go, 22:06
1992Crow Black Chicken 2015Crow Black Chicken 09.07.17, 08:58
1974Curtis Matheson2014A Particular Blue@flac, 15:46
1953Climax Blues Band1991Drastic Steps...Plus@flac 18.05.17, 06:52
1922Climax Blues Band1981Lucky For Some@flac 30.04.17, 12:43
1920Cowboy Hat And That Fuzzbox Voo2013Cowpunk Blues EP@flac, 19:45
1907Cowboy Hat & That Fuzzbox Voodoo2014A History Of The American West And Other Stories@flac, 10:24
1876Climax Blues Band2014Live Rare And Raw 1973 - 1979@flac, 13:39
1875Climax Blues Band2015Broke Heart Blues@flac, 13:15
1874Charles Burton Blues Band2004Charles Burton Blues BandMp3@320
Blues, 00:16
1854Carl Wyatt & The Delta Voodoo Kings2016Doing The Boogaloo@flac, 08:54
1784Crow Black Chicken 2014Rumble Shake, 21:19
1762Crow Black Chicken Rumble Shake + Deep South, 13:47
1749Curtis Matheson A Particular Blue 01.02.17, 03:31
1738Claude Hay2016Roller Coaster@flac 29.01.17, 03:03
1706Celso Salim2007Big City Blues 09.01.17, 03:34
1705Celso Salim2003Going Out Tonight 09.01.17, 03:33
1670Chris Antonik2013Better for you 26.12.16, 05:20
1628Charlie Craig2003Old Memories and Me 16.12.16, 04:31
1591Club Des Belugas2006Apricoo Soul@flac 30.11.16, 08:05
1452Carl Weathersby Restless Feeling Mirror 11.09.16, 08:08
1283Carolyn Wonderland2001Alcohol & salvation, 15:13
894Chain2013The History of Chain (Remastered)!GJ9kAKTb!UH_vrxVTz10vjPVWTbJMI1l-lXaI0kZaNE4NzV2kveQFeral P.05.09.15, 04:52
702Carbon Leaf Ghost Dragon Attacks Castle Noah, 20:55

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