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98 selected entries:

Id ^artistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkuploaderdate
2235Bel Airs1985Need Me A Car 14.11.17, 05:44
2231Bernie Marsden2017Big boy blues sessions Omar  11.11.17, 19:01
2217Bluebone2002We The People@flac 01.11.17, 23:41
2165Bob Margolin1993Down in the Alley, 07:53
2145Bob Seger1973Back in '72, 20:45
2144Bob Seger1973Back in '72 17.09.17, 19:46
2134Billy Gibson1996Billy Gibson 11.09.17, 01:17
2130Benny Turner2016When She's Gone, 15:39
2113Bonnie Lee1998I'm Good! 05.09.17, 01:40
2082Bryce Janey2013Burning Flame@flac, 06:38
2081Brother Sun Sister Moon2016Liberty@flac, 06:36
2080Benoit Blue Boy Avec Nico Duportal2016A Boire Et A Manger A St-Germain Des Pres@flac, 23:43
2075Bob Margolin2016My Road@flac, 16:03
2073Broken Back Daddy2016Scruffy Cat Blues@flac, 05:59
2069Brian Setzer2014Rockabilly Riot: All Original@flac, 08:07
2057Born Healer2016'til The Dawn@flac, 11:11
2052Blindside Blues Band2016Journey To The Stars@flac, 07:13
2047Blues Pills2016Lady In Gold@flac, 00:38
2032Big Walter Horton With Carey Bell1972Big Walter Horton With Carey Bell 09.08.17, 19:55
2024Benny Turner2016When She's Gone@flac, 11:28
2013Bad Temper Joe2016Double Trouble@flac, 19:53
2012Bad Temper Joe2015Tough Ain't Easy@flac, 19:53
1995Bobby & Sue2016Spinning Mind@flac, 23:25
1993Big Boy Bloater & The Limits2016Luxury Hobo@flac, 08:20
1978Bo Weavil Blues Band2006Mo' DigginRef Friend28.06.17, 22:22
1966Bad Company2017Burning Sky (Deluxe Edition 2CD) link to FLAC files in 24, 19:12
1965Bad Company2017Run with the Pack (Deluxe Edition 2CD) link to FLAC files in 24, 19:10
1898Bryan Lee2007Katrina was her name 15.04.17, 19:24
1896Benoit blue boy1997Lent ou rapide, 06:59
1872Black River Bluesman & Bad Mood Hudson2016Moonshine Medicine@flac, 20:14
1865Boz Scaggs1996Fade Into Light@flac 30.03.17, 09:49
1863bobby kimball2016We're Not In Kansas Anymore, 15:46
1836Butch Walker And The Black Widows2010I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart 12.03.17, 16:52
1817BUCK DHARMA1980Archive Volume IIIDemos & Outtakes from B.O.C. guitarist Friggah02.03.17, 09:54
1809BUCK DHARMA1975Archive Volume IIDemo's & outtakes from his B..C. & solo careers. Friggah28.02.17, 05:25
1801Blues Power Band2014Invasion 24.02.17, 05:15
1798Boz Scaggs1994Some Change 21.02.17, 09:49
1796Boz Scaggs2003But Beautiful, 21:05
1794Boz Scaggs1999Fade Into Light 20.02.17, 09:16
1780BUCK DHARMA1975Archive Volume 1Demo's & outtakes from his B..C. & solo careers. Friggah12.02.17, 08:12
1768Bryce Janey2016Organic Man@flac, 10:59
1750Bachman2015Heavy Blues@flac 01.02.17, 03:39
1745Bridget Kelly Band2014Forever In Blues@flac 31.01.17, 10:38
1744Bridget Kelly Band2013Back In The Blues@flac 31.01.17, 10:36
1735Becki Sue & Her Big Rockin' Daddies2010Big Rockin' BoogieGenre Blues @320

zippy!BtxyiYQI!eTudqJRKFWTQZaLJE3RdF0OcmJU_Y06fTYqUwCLMjxIkayaker6325.01.17, 01:24
1734Becki Sue & Her Big Rockin' Daddies2007Big City BluesGenre Blues @320

zippy!MkRWQIzT!JiAlaFgN1Yh4CmuVA-Oxew2AzBRoOr2r0xJt92owGhQkayaker6325.01.17, 01:23
1733Becki Sue & Her Big Rockin' Daddies2005The L.A.B. Results (Live)Genre Blues @320

zippy!gpJhiagB!P2DpOVBaCN2ZMamKSDPHOJ9U-AaeB42dwPympoa_vFckayaker6325.01.17, 01:23
1718Bill Helferich & Keni Lee Burgess2014Long Row To Hoe@flac 18.01.17, 08:40
1717Bernard Allison Group 20152015In The Mix@flac 18.01.17, 01:56
1692Bob "Catfish" Hodge1979Live At The Bayou, Washington DC, WAVA 12-07-1979the Mega-link is working (check the smiley), 14:34
1687Buddy Greene2016Someday192Kbps + Front cover
Sorry,don't find better quality, but not so bad..., 02:52
1582Barry McCabe Absolutely live Vol 2 Mirror, 21:35
1574Big Al Anderson & The Balls Pawn Shop Guitars 23.11.16, 23:50
1566Black Magic Johnson2012Call Me 20.11.16, 10:36
1525Brand X1979Product@flac 21.10.16, 11:28
1521Brand 20.10.16, 12:58
1518Brand X1977Morrocan 19.10.16, 03:35
1494Brenda Boykin2013Brenda Boykin, 11:47
1481Brand X1979Product, 18:06
1478BLOODROCK2012KPBX 91.1FM : Johnson's Improbable History Of Pop Presents BloodrockExcellent radio retrospective on the early 70's Texan Classic Rock band. Friggah22.09.16, 01:06
1451Ben B. Beckendorf2006Light in my darkest hour Chris, 02:53
1450Brickyard Bluesband2006First Bricks MirrorChris!c8oXyaxY!e7BrVvQ5rFpdk7L5Qi1GdndLbR9NZlln-pHIwgMqp1g kayaker6311.09.16, 02:36
1429Big Daddy Kinsey & The Kinsey Report1985Bad SituationBlues

Mirror!o4gkgD7D!x45JWkorcff-FiuBkz642rfy5s8iu61zVS4CL_Foqvskayaker6330.08.16, 20:53
1428Big Daddy Kinsey & Sons1990Can't Let GoBlues

Mirror!85g0AJ7J!eistVTuzBLM113V25JJBKNaUNtfSdPrktHwXb1FbiVgkayaker6330.08.16, 20:52
1427Big Daddy Kinsey1993I Am The BluesBlues Rock

Mirror!UogkWJ7A!AYFJXF4hM_JPrrj71XmsWDbLKJDXluyK1z5kjLQX7O8 kayaker6330.08.16, 20:51
1382Big in Iowa2006Geezil Pete 09.07.16, 17:44
1377Big in Iowa Green Pop 09.07.16, 04:15
1352Billy Lee Janey Gimme Some Lightnin', Soul Driver, What's Your Trick, 14:38
1318BAXTER1974Dance Of Delight (aka The Unreleased Album)Unreleased 1974 album by excellent Prog/Psych/Blues/Hard Rock band from Connecticut USA. Friggah10.05.16, 08:15
1313Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings2016Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings - The Kings of Rhythm Volume 1: Jump Jive and Wail [4CD Box Set] (2016) Lossless!.57gb 46 tracks over 3hr playtime

2016 four CD set. This box contains the first four releases from Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, the good-time 10-piece band that Bill Wyman put together after leaving the Rolling Stones in 1992. The band has a core rhythm section, but features a revolving combination of all-star guest front men and women
Both links working today, 08:27
1308Ben Harper & the innocent criminals2016Call it what it is, 07:37
1277Big Jim Adam2008Rock Island Line 26.03.16, 13:18
1276Big Jim Adam2013Cajun Moon 26.03.16, 13:14
1275Big Jim Adam & John Stilwagen2011Present Tippy's Barn: Issue 8 'The Raid', 11:11
1255Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings2005Live, 17:30
1108Buddaheads2015Something New, 18:16
1106Big Papa and the TCB Six Pack of Cool 28.11.15, 20:03
1104Big Papa and the TCB Buckshot Love 28.11.15, 19:21
1071BB & The Blues Shacks2003Blue Avenue, 04:42
1048Bob Spalding The 5th Venture, 17:33
1047Bob Margolin1993Down In The Alley 04.11.15, 15:55
1046Bob Margolin2007In North Carolinacover

Password: James, 15:04
1045Bob Margolin1990Chicago Blues, 15:01
1044Bob Margolin1999Hold Me To it, 14:58
1018Bachman2015Heavy blues, 13:26
1016BDL (Blues Deluxe)2014Retributionuse jDownloader to get this link:, 13:32
999Bobby Radcliff2011Freaking Me Out 21.10.15, 23:53
998Bobby Radcliff1991Universal Blues 21.10.15, 21:37
997Bobby Radcliff2004Natural Ball 21.10.15, 21:32
945Byther Smith1997I'm A Mad Manthe post has even 2 working, 15:27
944Byther Smith2004Throw Away The Bookthe post has even 2 working, 15:25
939BraveHeart 2015 Dedicated To My Heartdownload every single track for free from their soundcloud page, 18:15
915Bone Jack2015The River Wide P.18.09.15, 01:02
878Backsliders2014Dark Side P.03.09.15, 20:07
800Blues Cat2004live at the blue sky tavern, 21:02
761Buzzard Creek2011Detour 05.06.15, 03:09
736Bobby Sweet2011Cowboys and Poets mr. 28.04.15, 10:50
721Bill Jennings2014Architect of Soul Jazz: The Complete Early Recordings, 1951-1957CD1

CD1 mirror


CD2 mirror
BluesFan23  04.04.15, 16:13

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