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BluesGambler's Lounge

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16 selected entries:

Id ^artistyearalbumcommentnicknamelinkuploaderdate
2703Bill Kirchen1994Tombstone Every Mileasking Google would save my time too!, 04:42
2702Big Joe And The Dynaflows1994Layin' In The Alleythe smiley hides a working Mega link

checking the labels before asking for requests would save my time!, 04:37
2696Bridget Kelly Band2018Blues Warrior, 17:26
2650Brad Absher2014Lucky Dog@flac, 18:20
2507Brad Absher1997Find You Tonight V14.03.18, 01:01
2459Billy Boy Arnold1984Ten Million Dollars V19.02.18, 02:08
2348Bernie Marsden and his acoustic band2008Going to my hometown 31.12.17, 16:36
2165Bob Margolin1993Down in the Alley, 07:53
2130Benny Turner2016When She's Gone, 15:39
1896Benoit blue boy1997Lent ou rapide, 06:59
1582Barry McCabe Absolutely live Vol 2 Mirror, 21:35
1481Brand X1979Product, 18:06
1352Billy Lee Janey Gimme Some Lightnin', Soul Driver, What's Your Trick, 14:38
1308Ben Harper & the innocent criminals2016Call it what it is, 07:37
1045Bob Margolin1990Chicago Blues, 15:01
1018Bachman2015Heavy blues, 13:26

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