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2395R.J. Mischo2006He Came To Play Patuserscloud.com/64leehdb8k2cLogan V26.01.18, 07:11
3106Raging Slab1987Assmaster [Rock]@flac my-files.ru/imduvj 02.07.19, 07:41
3160Ranfa2007Little Hard Blues [Blues-Rock]@flac my-files.ru/k1m2ts 15.08.19, 01:24
2673Ray Charles2005Genius & Friends@flac sendit.cloud/jaajzjv4g7hv 30.05.18, 12:21
2956Ray Sharpe1980Texas Boogie Blues Bluesmaniac94www11.zippyshare.com/v/2fDA3pSF/file.html 23.12.18, 12:14
2822Razzy Bailey1989Blues Juice Patsendit.cloud/q7mfi90l3tz2 10.08.18, 09:26
3259Red Hot 'n' Blue2003Ain't Gonna Stop [Rock & Roll]@flac my-files.ru/vywylx 05.12.19, 01:42
3260Red Hot 'n' Blue1991Hey There Man [Blues]@flac my-files.ru/lzp4kv 06.12.19, 00:09
3220Red Hot Blues Sisters2010Low Down Holiday [Blues]@flac my-files.ru/cjiicd 29.10.19, 01:49
2969Red House 2003 2003Captured Live [Blues-Rock]@flac sendit.cloud/5oxx90q89ijn 30.12.18, 04:20
2223Reed Turchi2016Speaking in shadows Omaruserscloud.com/39zam05fcz9f 05.11.17, 18:15
2821Relax1975Padre...  1fichier.com/?o84e7au1u2nlbu017c3sThe Friggah10.08.18, 09:26
3062Renee Geyer2003Tenderland [Soul]@flac sendit.cloud/h400reu3fb4s 11.03.19, 02:44
3113Reunion Blues Band 1996Back Home To Clarksdale LVmy-files.ru/42ez24Mile06.07.19, 21:47
3216Richie Barron1996Rather Have The Green Than The Blues [Blues]@flac my-files.ru/1uapm3 16.10.19, 07:55
2428Rico Bell1996The Return of Rico Bell JCuserscloud.com/mz4759lozo74 11.02.18, 03:07
2472Rico Bell1999The Darkside of the Mersey JCuserscloud.com/bewu99h9pj8j 23.02.18, 12:23
2665Rico Bell1996The Return Of Rico Bell@flac sendit.cloud/8r6rshokv5og 29.05.18, 06:47
2972Rico Bell2002Been A Long Time [Country-Rock]@flac sendit.cloud/2gg2l9cdtbkf 06.01.19, 10:27
934Rob Tognoni2014Rock And Roll Live  mega.co.nz/#!WQ9TTaRS!xNi529DMfK6n8wGPwVuF7amG6N0fP5z1rF9doyX45JIFeral P.30.09.15, 06:27
936Rob Tognoni20092010dbpart1:

Loumy93 web-link01.10.15, 00:14
2722Robben Ford1997The Blues Collection LVsendit.cloud/3czun23ovhp4 09.07.18, 00:15
2908Robbie Fulks2007Revenge! [Country-Rock]@flac sendit.cloud/kwqnuolkml0g 18.10.18, 13:06
2654Robbin Thompson2013A Real Fine Day@flac sendit.cloud/ikhll2vwteqePremium23.05.18, 10:58
3196Robert Randolph & The Family Band2017Got Soul [Blues-Rock]@flac sendit.cloud/kmsj2wlsnck6Premium26.09.19, 03:38
2180Robin Trower199420th Century Blues LVturbobit.net/o04qxlgjel8a.htmlweb-link04.10.17, 18:09
2181Robin Trower2016Where You Are Going To LVyadi.sk/d/g-MLhdWPqVacRweb-link04.10.17, 18:11
2658Robin Trower Living Out Of Time - Live jdpriotintosendit.cloud/ng7tvvv9c7ju 24.05.18, 05:29
2661Robin Trower2018Let There Be A Blues jdpriotintohotlink.cc/fc5glji7bxtg/Robin_Trower_-_Let_There_Be_A_Blues__2018__Compilation_.rar.htmlweb-link26.05.18, 00:08
2621Ron Flynt and The Bluehearts2014Big Blue Heart Scareyred-mp3.cc/artist/4264951/ron-flynt-and-the-bluehearts.html 01.05.18, 12:15
2704Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom1988Safari To New Orleans LVsendit.cloud/gco8e15u388z 21.06.18, 08:03
2837Ron Thompson1983Treat Her Like Gold dr. duncanwww.xup.in/dl,20153839/Ron_Thompson_-_Treat_Her_Like_Gold.rar/ 22.08.18, 20:55
3087Ronnie Earl1990I Like It When It Rains [Blues]@flac my-files.ru/jx8yfl 07.06.19, 00:48
2732Ronnie Earl 1990I Like It When It Rains LVsendit.cloud/azx8sohaqamq 12.07.18, 03:41
3248Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters1991Surrounded By Love [Blues]@ape my-files.ru/9gs9bl 24.11.19, 00:09
2435Ronnie Shellist2012Til Then Patuserscloud.com/8jjsrdgynonoLogan V11.02.18, 09:34
3213Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band2012Left For Dead [Blues]@flac my-files.ru/otj2pl 13.10.19, 02:02
3214Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band1991Root 6 [Blues]@flac my-files.ru/7hwuh8 14.10.19, 00:39
3215Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band1978Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band [Rock]@flac my-files.ru/4szxc9 15.10.19, 00:50
2648Rose Tattoo2008Live At The Download Festival 2008  1fichier.com/?kj2kc7pm2uThe Friggah22.05.18, 18:01
2652Rose Tattoo2008Family Album : Rare Blooms Vol. 2  1fichier.com/?8tge8u7my4The Friggah23.05.18, 09:43
3022Roxx Gang2011Boxx Of Roxx [Rock]@flac sendit.cloud/z36ajta02ywj 07.02.19, 00:22
3293Roxx Gang (US)2014Last Laugh (The Lost Roxx Gang Demos) [Rock]@flac my-files.ru/pdvjhl 10.01.20, 19:46
2932Roy Carrier & The Night Rockers1999Twist & Shout [Cajun-Zydeco]@flac sendit.cloud/o61ap57yevoy 11.11.18, 11:31
2292Roy Last Group1983Goodtimes Ahead horjus291fichier.com/?lz88vxrctjThe Friggah08.12.17, 03:37
2875Roy Roberts1997Every Shade Of Blue Patmy-files.ru/3dkgja 14.09.18, 18:35
3250Royal Southern Brotherhood2016The Royal Gospel [Blues-Rock]@flac sendit.cloud/nu1kj038ee06Premium26.11.19, 00:24
3251Royal Southern Brotherhood2014Heartsoulblood [Rock]@flac sendit.cloud/xpwyly7xsw17Premium27.11.19, 00:27
2382Ruby Starr1976Scene Stealer  1fichier.com/?fatuo3zpqbTheFriggah24.01.18, 18:33
3207Rudy Rotta & Brian Auger2006Captured Live [Blues]@flac my-files.ru/v1cyfq 07.10.19, 02:30
1967Ruthie Foster2017Joy Comes Back24 bit flac file
feralturbobit.net/wwed7x72m0k5.htmlweb03.06.17, 06:01

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