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15 selected entries:

1815Pat McManus2013Dark Emerald Higway 01.03.17, 21:59
779Paul Jones2015Suddenly i like, 18:37
1557Paul Jones Joseph and the amazing technicolour Dreamcoat 13.11.16, 02:06
1680Paul Revere & The Raiders Country Wine, 21:54
1681Paul Revere & The Raiders Just like us5 albums including: Just Like, 22:01
1877Pedro Teixeira2014On Se La Coule Douce Live 2002 03.04.17, 23:47
1878Pedro Teixeira2012Tout Reprendre A Zero 03.04.17, 23:54
1515Penny Lang1999Somebody Else@flac 19.10.16, 01:46
1516Penny Lang2006Stone+Sand+Sea+Sky@flac 19.10.16, 01:46
1580Pete Brown1973 The Not Forgotten Associationprobably not exactly what you are searching and not sure if there are all tracks in it. It seems to be 1 file with all tracks from side A and 1 file with (all) tracks from side 25.11.16, 01:37
1458Phil Alvin1994County Fair 2000 15.09.16, 06:32
892Phil Manning1974I Wish There Was A Way P.05.09.15, 04:35
1221Piano Red Piano Red Rocks 08.01.16, 18:59
1601Popa Chubby2004Live New Morning New York City Blues 06.12.16, 00:10
1230Professor Longhair2008The Complete New Orleans Recordings 1949-57, 02:41

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