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61 selected entries:

1821Magic Frankie & The Blues Disease1999Live Behind Bars@ flac:, 19:40
840Mahalia Barnes & The Soul Mates2015Ooh Yea: The Betty Davis Songbook (feat. Joe Bonamassa)mirror-link

or in FLAC, 22:49
1900Malia2004Echoes Of Dreams@flac 16.04.17, 07:00
1901Malia2003Yellow Daffodils@flac 16.04.17, 13:57
766Malina Moye2014Rock & Roll Baby (EP), 07:58
1550Malted Milk2010Sweet Soul Blues, 14:51
1607Malted Milk2011Soul Of A Woman (EP)Genre Blues, Soul
Mp3 @320, 01:57
1551Malted Milk & Toni Green2014Milk & Green, 14:56
1193Mama's Blues Joint2014Changes, 15:15
1807Man2009Kingdom of noise 27.02.17, 07:40
1808Man2005Live At The Keystone, Berkeley, 9th August 1976 taken from

You can download the file using jdownloader, 07:55
1866Man2009Kingdom Of Noise@flac 30.03.17, 09:49
776Marco Pandolfi2015No dog in the hunt, 07:48
1267Marianne Faithful1966Faithful Forever ... 16.03.16, 13:56
1770Mark 'Mississippi Slide' Jeghers2016The Bluez Projekt@flac, 08:55
1771Mark 'Mississippi Slide' Jeghers2016Slide Ahead@flac, 08:57
1754Mark Cook2015Rebel Blues@flac, 01:14
1573Mark Dufresne Band Feat. Billy Stapleton1999Have Another Round 22.11.16, 15:44
1791Mark Hummel1998Low Down To 17.02.17, 15:22
782Marquise Knox2011Here I Am 22.07.15, 05:57
1724Marty Stuart Souls' Chapel 21.01.17, 07:34
1725Marty Stuart Let There Be Country 21.01.17, 08:20
1742Marty Stuart Nashville, Volume 1 29.01.17, 15:06
1743Marty Stuart Cool Country Favorites 29.01.17, 15:06
1343Mary Bridget Davies Group2012Wanna Feel Somethin'Genre - Blues
Mp3 @320, 20:53
897Mason Rack Band2015Big Bad Machine P.05.09.15, 05:17
788Matt Enright200712 Steps Of MusicBlues Rock solo album by E-City/Emerald City guitarist. Friggah01.08.15, 08:57
1588Matt O'Ree Band2013Live In Denver 25.12.16, 11:00
1782Matthew Curry & The Fury2013Electric Religion@flac, 05:38
1560Max Fite2016Shake It On Down@wav 25.12.16, 09:56
1781Maybe Dolls1991Propaganda 12.02.17, 15:24
1843Meena Cryle + The Chris Fillmore Band2006Singing Songs for Ecstasy, 20:47
1513Melissa Menago2016Little Crimes@flac 19.10.16, 01:44
1638Memphis Jug Band2001The Essentialpart1


2CDs - @320
Noah C. Hesse17.12.16, 19:06
1930Michael Charles2017Sandstone: Live In Calgary, Canada@Flac:, 23:47
1015Michael Hill's Blues Mob2001Larger Than Life, 08:43
1019Michael Hill's Blues Mob2012Godesses and Gold 28.10.15, 14:27
1197Mighty Joe Young1997Mighty Man, 22:18
1486Mighty Sam Mc Clain1998Journey CHRIS D27.09.16, 01:30
1537Mike D'Abo2001The Mike d'Abo Collection Vol 1 30.10.16, 03:35
1538Mike D'Abo2003A Little Miss Understoud Mike dAbo Collection Vol. 2 30.10.16, 03:36
767Mike Henderson2015Mike Henderson If You Think Its Hot Here, 22:52
1211Mike Henderson1994Country Music Made Me Do it 04.01.16, 14:18
1618Mike Sanchez2001Blue 12.12.16, 10:38
1284Miller Anderson 4 postsall posts have at least 1 working, 21:08
1285Miller Anderson2009From Lizard Rock!part1

townes Mile06.04.16, 22:05
1138Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers2015Live in, 06:40
1552Mississippi Heat2016Cab driving man, 20:08
1199Mister B.1986Shining the Pearls, 22:58
1174Mitch Woods1988Mr. Boogies Back in Town, 18:11
1533Mitch Woods2015Jammin' On the High Cs@flac 23.12.16, 23:24
1183Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88s1993Shakin' The Shack, 20:32
1800Monte Montgomery2012Tethered@flac 23.02.17, 11:28
1424MONTROSE1973The Alternate MontroseAlternate takes & mixes from the sessions for their S/T 1973 debut LP. Friggah28.08.16, 03:40
1081MONTROSE & JOE SATRIANI2012Reunited For RonnieRegency Ballroom, SF, 3/3/12 Friggah22.11.15, 12:34
1826Moreland & Arbuckle2016Promised Land Or Bust, 11:02
1671Morgan Davis1999Blues Medicine 26.12.16, 05:22
1354Mr Sipp.2014The Mississippi Blues Child, 21:57
1355Mr. Sipp2013It's my guitar, 22:08
1094Mud Morganfield & Kim Wilson2014For Pops (A Tribute To Muddy Waters)PW: nota304, 19:36
1351Mudpie2002Mudpie, 19:57

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