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24 selected entries:

1531Karim Albert Kook2002Barbes City Limit Blues@flac 24.10.16, 03:27
2451Kasim Sulton1982Kasim Sulton 17.02.18, 18:33
2258Keith Stone2016The Prodigal Returns@flac, 02:43
1491Kenny Blue Ray1998Bless My Axe 30.09.16, 18:28
1490Kenny Blue Ray1998Let the Blues Rule 30.09.16, 18:28
1970Kenny Neal2016Bloodline@flac, 19:34
2108Kenny Neal1992Bayou, 21:15
2109Kenny Neal1989Devil Child, 21:22
2111Kenny Neal1994Hoodoo Moon@LV: with a little asking Dr. Google you could have found the Kenny Neal links yourself!, 21:32
532Kid Rock2012Rebel Soul Chris, 16:34
2240Kim Fairchild2017Natural@flac, 08:53
2263Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown2015The Devil To Pay@flac, 08:12
1654King Crimson2009In The Court of The Crimson King (5CD+1DVD) Box set5 CDs in mp3 or flac + extra high resolution covers (up to 25MB for 1 picture!) + DVD (all in all ~6GB) 09.04.17, 03:51
1556King Edward201550 Years of Blues 25.12.16, 10:55
2003King Hannibal1973Truth 19.07.17, 00:13
1615King Louie & Rhonda Steele2015Rock me baby 10.12.16, 07:53
2260King Mud2016Victory Motel Sessions@flac, 09:03
2399Kinga Glyk2017Dream@flac, 06:24
1561Kirk Fletcher2010My Turn, 21:38
1272Kozmic Blue2014Home, 17:59
1790Kozmic Blue2014Best Of 96-06@flac, 15:08
1625Kris Pohlman  10 Years Live, 12:56
1822Kris Pohlmann2009New Resolution@FLAC:, 00:22
1823Kris Pohlmann Band2012One For Sorrow@FLAC:, 00:24

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