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1848J.J. Cale201730 Most Slow BluesMp3@320 - Blues


  kayaker6324.03.17, 11:36
1568Jack Broadbent2016Portrait 21.11.16, 19:49
1665Jack De Keyzer2000Down in the Groove 25.12.16, 21:31
1270Janet Ryan2013Mama soul, 17:53
797Janis Joplin1969Texas International Pop Festival, Dallas, TX, 30th August 1969, 10:54
798Janis Joplin2009The Woodstock Experience, 11:00
799Janis Joplin Discography On the blog: Muro do Classic, 17:36
802Janis Joplin "Blown all my blues away", - Retrospective 1962-1970PW:!w511jLBD!NiQerm0u4lXLJy2b-CNShjMe-tJNjFkCuHDOUp8HdR4web-link05.09.15, 08:51
1287Janiva Magness1996My Bad Luck Soul320 (My Rip, My Link), 01:16
1950Janiva Magness2017Blue again, 23:55
1972Janiva Magness1991More Than LiveThis link was posted by mudslideslim in Zinhof's chat yesterday.
Tested and approved., 12:50
1861Jason D. Williams1993Wild 28.03.17, 04:25
1022Jay Farrar 2001Sebastopol 28.10.15, 21:16
2033Jay Gordon & Blues Venom2015Woodchoppers Ball@flac, 19:53
2074Jay Jesse Johnson band2017Down the hard road, 09:41
1417Jean Knight1985My Toot Toot 18.08.16, 22:52
1604Jeff Beck2010Rock n Roll Party Honoring Les Paul
2.5 gb mkv format and 7 rar files, here is a txt file with the links
have fun, 02:58
1711Jeff Beck2010Rock'n'Roll Party Honoring Les Paulvideo ~7,42GB

you get 10 rar files and here is a txt file with the links in it 13.01.17, 20:16
1581Jeff Chaz Sounds Like the Blues to me Mirror, 21:28
1584Jeff Chaz Chronicles 25.12.16, 10:57
1921Jeff Healey2016Heal My Soul@wav or @flac, 08:22
1666Jeff Jensen Band2015Morose Elephant 26.12.16, 04:38
°669Jeff Jensen Band2007Jeff Jensen Band 26.12.16, 05:02
1663Jeff Jensen band2013Road worn and ragged, 11:19
1830Jeff Liberman2012Nothin' But The Blues@flac 06.03.17, 22:03
1853Jeff Liberman2013A Time For Reason@flac, 08:32
1883Jeff Liberman2015Fantasy@flac, 15:43
1884Jeff Liberman2008Introspection@flac 06.04.17, 15:45
1503Jeff Lynne2012Long Wave, 03:33
1504Jeff Lynne1990Armchair Theatre, 03:35
1755Jeff Woolsey2011Live from Pearl's Dancehall & Saloon 02.02.17, 19:02
1712Jeffery Liberman1996Then And Now@flac 15.01.17, 07:21
1271Jennie Devoe2014Radiator:The Bristol Sessions, 17:55
1685Jeremy Lyons1999Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch, 22:54
1412JESTERS OF DESTINY1987In A Nostalgic Mood Mini LPCovers record by quirky US Rock band. Friggah15.08.16, 13:23
770Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes & Terry 'Harmonica' Bean2014Twice As Hard 22.06.15, 09:10
1975Jimmy Bez2016Lies Of A Sinner@flac, 22:33
1215Jimmy Burns2015It Ain't Rightpost has working links 05.01.16, 16:04
1971Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers2016Spare Keys@flac, 03:42
417Joanne Shaw Taylor2013Songs From The Roadpassword to open file : laspikedeLycmusic (respect L), 14:44
1862Joe Cocker201730 Most Slow Bluespart1:


Sorry my zippy uploader has giving me a Hard tine lately!.. Please let me know if these links work okay?
  Kyaker6328.03.17, 15:44
857Joe Pug2015Windfall Noah, 16:01
1916Joel Zoss2007Lila 27.04.17, 11:35
1919Joel Zoss2015Florida blues, 18:38
858John Gorka2014Bright Side of Down Noah, 16:04
859John Gorka2003Old Futures Gone Noah, 16:06
860John Gorka2001Company you keepmirror-linkNoah, 16:13
862John Gorka2009So Dark You See Noah 29.08.15, 18:37
1286John Miles1980Sympathy 10.04.16, 19:56
1385John Palumbo1985Blowing Up Detroit 10.07.16, 12:14
1797John Reid Facade 21.02.17, 00:47
1694John The Revelator2004Blues Train To Thaliavideo ~4,1GB

you get 6 rar files and here is a txt file with the links in it 08.01.17, 10:07
772Johnny & The Rest2013Wolves In The Night 08.07.15, 13:35
1595Johnny Drummer1999It's So Nice@flac, 12:27
1364Johnny Gale1994Gale Force, 07:12
1374Johnny Hoy & The Bluefish2014The Dance 07.07.16, 21:34
1098Johnny Nash1968Hold me tight, 02:38
1100Johnny Nash1969Soul Folk 25.11.15, 03:15
1101Johnny Nash1959I Got Rhythm 25.11.15, 03:37
1102Johnny Nash1969Prince of Peace 25.11.15, 03:38
1099Johnny Nash & Kim Weston1969Johnny Nash & Kim Weston 25.11.15, 03:14
1827Johnny V Band2012Last Train To Hooterville, 13:26
1772Johnny Winter2013Live Bootleg Series Vol. 9@flac, 09:01
1773Johnny Winter2016Live Bootleg Series Vol. 12@flac, 09:02
1119Jon Cleary2015GoGo Juice Mr. 11.12.15, 05:50
1304Josh Smith2015Over Your Head, 21:47
1869Junior Mance1966Harlem Lullaby 30.03.17, 21:19
2028Junior Markham1999Wound Up Tight 08.08.17, 22:50
1093Junior Watson 2012Jumpin’ Wit Juniorcover

use jDownloader to get this album:, 02:52

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