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15 selected entries:

2283Gary Eisenbraun2012Just An Emotion@flac 06.12.17, 00:06
2297Gary Eisenbraun2016The Window@flac, 23:38
2307Gary Eisenbraun2014Second Wind@flac, 10:03
2351Gary Eisenbraun2013Under the Howling Wind & Under the Clear Blue Sky@flac, 11:18
2048Gary Moore1984We Want Moore!@flac 12.08.17, 10:59
1207Gary Moore & Mick Jagger1992We want Moore Jagger - live at Hammersmith Odeon , London, 11:31
1746Gena Roberts Hamilton Sings A Tribute To Connie Smith 01.02.17, 00:08
2171George Benson1983In Your Eyes, 08:27
2644Gerry Lane2008Meloneros blues 20.05.18, 16:27
2649Gerry Lane2010Till the end of the line 22.05.18, 18:00
2587Get The Cat2007Get The, 07:11
2284Grady Champion2012Shanachie Days@flac 06.12.17, 06:16
1407Grapefruit Yesterday's sunshine The complete 1967-1968 London Sessions Mirror 28.10.16, 09:27
2367GREY STAR1981Grey StarMostly Hard Rock/AOR material, but worth a listen as RUBY STARR is one of the 2 vocalists., 01:45
2245Guy, 11:20

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