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21 selected entries:

2288Fadoul2015Al Zman Saib 07.12.17, 07:24
2090Fats Gaines Band1983Presents Zorina, 17:15
2174Federspiel2012Unerhört Bumm!@flac, 18:00
2049Fleetwood Mac1972Bare Trees (1988, Warner-Pioneer, Japan, 20P2-2094)@flac 12.08.17, 12:10
2050Fleetwood Mac1972Bare Trees (1990, Reprise, Germany, 7599-27240-2)@flac 12.08.17, 13:38
2126Fleetwood Mac1975Fleetwood Mac (2004, Reprise, EU, Germany, 8122-73881-2)@flac 09.09.17, 02:09
2127Fleetwood Mac1975Fleetwood Mac (1986, Reprise, Japan, 32XD-498)@flac 09.09.17, 18:14
2128Fleetwood Mac1975Fleetwood Mac (1990, Reprise, Germany, 7599-27241-2)@flac 10.09.17, 00:57
2268Fleetwood Mac1979Tusk (2015, 3CD, Warner Bros, Germany)@flac 30.11.17, 11:07
1409Foreday Riders2016Herding Cats, 10:05
578Fortune1985Fortuneremastered 20.01.15, 16:00
1394Fortune1978Fortune 18.07.16, 04:07
1606Frank Gomez2007Under The InfluenceGenre Blues
Mp3 @ 320, 01:56
2119FRANK SODA1981Saturday Night GetawayFinal album to date from the Canadian Rocker. Friggah06.09.17, 05:31
2114FRANK SODA & THE IMPS1980Soda Pop2nd rare album from Canadian Classic Rock trio Friggah05.09.17, 07:11
2091Freddy & the Phanthoms2012Shadows across the country 31.08.17, 08:30
2092Freddy & the Phanthoms2014times of division 31.08.17, 08:31
1269Freedonia2014Dignity and freedom, 17:47
1828French Cookin'2016If You Wanna, 14:42
1373Frostbit Blue1997Just What The Doctor Ordered, 21:19
2176Fuel Junkie2016Injected@flac, 09:41

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