Lost Bombers Fiskerton Airfield Database
by Willi Weiss - www.archiv-oberaussem.com
One-hundred and seventeen Lancasters and their crews were lost flying from Fiskerton, either through enemy action or accidents. The vital contribution made by Bomber Command to our eventual victory during the second world war, cannot be understated. Facing appalling dangers and hardships, over 55,000 British and Commonwealth aircrew did not survive the bombing campaign. This is almost 60% of the aircrew who took part. Of those who were flying at the start of hostilities, only one in ten survived the war and only one in four could expect to survive operations intact. New crews were expected to survive for five ops only which was about three short weeks. Some new crews never even had time to unpack before failing to return from operations. The chances of completing the "Tour" of 30 ops were slim. Many more must have suffered both physically and mentally. Their sacrifice and the efforts of all those who were a part of Bomber Command was crucial to our success in winning the war. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude. I hope this website, in some small way, helps to keep alive the memory of that wartime sacrifice.



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