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chassis nomanufactured onsold tolast seen inlast seen datemodel variantmotorgearshiftcolorinteriorscrapped
52100124.03.69SpainItaly03.04.09PrototypeChevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed O: white -> bordeaux-metallicblack leather 
50000102.05.70GermanyGermany01.01.08 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed red -> silverblack leather 
50000220.04.70SpainSweden01.03.2013 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed silver (O), now metallic blue  
50000313.05.70ItalyGermany01.01.2013 Chevrolet Corvettemanual 5 ZFO: whitelight blue leather 
500004/D17.06.70AustraliaAustralia01.09.08 Chevrolet CorvetteTurbo Hydromatic automatic redtan leather 
500005/D20.06.70AustraliaAustralia01.08.14 Chevrolet CorvetteTurbo Hydromatic automatic bluetan leather 
50000631.07.70ItalyUSA01.01.81 Chevrolet Corvettemanual 5 ZF   
50000703.06.70Switzerland   Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50000825.06.70GermanyItaly01.01.02 Chevrolet Corvettemanual 5 ZF   
50000930.06.70ItalyGermany01.01.90 Chevrolet Corvettemanual 5 ZF  Y
50001006.07.70Italy   Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50001103.07.70Switzerland   Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50001208.07.70Germany   Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50001302.07.70Germany   Chevrolet CorvetteTurbo Hydromatic automatic    
500014/D30.09.70AustraliaAustralia01.01.01 Chevrolet CorvetteTurbo Hydromatic automatic    
500015/D18.09.70AustraliaNew Zeeland01.01.95 Chevrolet CorvetteTurbo Hydromatic automatic    
50001625.09.70ItalyUSA01.01.17 Chevrolet Corvettemanual 5 ZFdark blue  
50001717.07.70BelgiumSaudi Arabia01.01.82 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50001805.09.70Germany   Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50001917.06.70AustriaItaly01.01.02 Chevrolet CorvetteTurbo Hydromatic automatic    
50002021.07.70NetherlandsItaly  Chevrolet CorvetteTurbo Hydromatic automatic   Y
50002129.07.70Italy   Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50002210.11.70FranceFrance01.01.02 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50002301.08.70ItalyFrance01.01.91 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50002428.07.70Italy   Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50002504.08.70Germany   Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50002625.07.70FranceFrance01.01.90 Chevrolet Corvettemanual 5 ZF   
50002731.08.70ItalySwitzerland01.06.10 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed goldwhite leather 
50002820.07.70GermanyGermany20.11.2015 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed O: light blue mettallic, now green metallic (Jaguar)black leather  
50002928.08.70Germany   Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50003030.09.70SwitzerlandSwitzerland01.01.01 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed   Y
50003103.11.70GermanyGermany01.01.90 Chevrolet Corvettemanual 5 ZF  Y
50003214.09.70ItalyUSA  Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed silver black leather 
50003304.09.70ItalySweden01.02.15 Chevrolet Corvette5 speed ZFO: silver, was repainted red, now again silver  
50003415.09.70SwitzerlandSweden01.03.15 Chevrolet CorvetteTurbo Hydromatic automatic red  
50003526.08.70GermanyGermany14.06.15 Chevrolet Corvettemanual 5 ZFsilver  
50003607.09.70France   Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50003724.09.70ItalyGermany01.01.90 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50003824.09.70ItalyUSA01.01.19 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed O: burgundy red metallic, yellow repaintblack leather 
50003909.09.70Italy   Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50004017.09.70BrazilNetherlands01.01.01 Chevrolet Corvettemanual 5 ZFLuci di Mezzanotte Metalizzatatan leather 
50004111.12.70Italy   Chevrolet Corvettemanual 5 ZF   
50004210.09.70Italy   Chevrolet Corvettemanual 5 ZF   
50004327.08.70ItalyUSA01.01.90 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50004422.09.70NetherlandsNetherlands01.01.01 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50004501.08.70ItalyItaly15.09.2015 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed bluetan leather 
50004620.11.70ItalyNetherlands01.10.2019 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed blue (Blu Metallizzato)tan leather 
50004714.01.71Italy   Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed    
50004811.11.70SpainSpain  Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed O: light blue metallic, repainted redwhite leather 
50004906.07.70ItalyItaly10.05.2015 Chevrolet CorvetteBorg Warner 4-speed silverblack leather 


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310 entries in all:  1  51  101  151  201  251  301 

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