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"I'd like to make this city my home"
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März 4, 2002; 09:36
"I'd like to make this city my home"
Q&A with Munich Barons winger David Oliver
Frank Johne

David Oliver has been red hot since the Olympic break, tallying a point in four consecutive games.

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Munich, Germany - David Oliver has been red hot since the Olympic break. The former Edmonton Oiler scored a goal in each of the first three games, including a crucial game-tying tally against the Berlin Eisbären. David continued his point streak at Schwenningen, where he set up Shane Peacock’s late game-winner. With, David talks about getting in sync for the upcoming playoffs and his contract situation.

David Oliver: “Every series is gonna be a battle”
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(as of Feb 19, 2005) How tough is it actually to get back in sync after such a long break? It’s gotta be kinda unusual to have such a long break in the middle of the season…

David Oliver: Unusual… [starts laughing] I’ve never seen anything like that. I’m used to getting’ maybe a day off at Christmas and maybe two days off during an Allstar break. I think it’s gonna take a week or two, maybe three weeks, to get all the conditioning back and get everybody back into sync. But I think it’s gonna make the playoffs that much better, that much faster – guys are gonna be rested and healthy. So I think the fans all around the league are gonna be treated to some pretty good playoff hockey. Is that something that’s on your mind right now, possible playoff scenarios?

David Oliver: I think so. I mean we’ve had a month off to think about it. You go away - some of us went home, some guys lay on the beach for a while – I think it’d be tough not to think about coming back. You play ten games and then you’re right into the playoffs. Anybody who plays professional hockey, that’s why we play the game, it’s for the playoffs. I know we got a lot of guys in our room with a lot of experience, I think everybody’s really looking forward to that time o’ year. But we also know we gotta get ourselves situated to goive ourselves the best possible chance, home-ice advantage in the playoffs. Any preferred opponents for the first round?

David Oliver: I don’t see any easy teams among the ten that are possible contenders. It doesn’t matter who you play first. Whoever sneaks in there in sixth, seventh or eighth, doesn’t matter – you’re playing a quality hockey team. In this league, on any given night, anybody can beat anybody. I guess teams like Essen have showed that. Every series is gonna be a battle. Your contract expires after the season. Do you think about that at all?

David Oliver: Not at all. Whatever happens, happens. I came over here to have fun and hopefully play on a championship team. So far, we’ve put ourselves in a position to contend for a playoff championship. That’s been our goal from day one. Like I said, I’ve been having fun along the way. Munich’s a great city. The fans that we have are great fans. I’d be nice if we could fill the arena for us come playoff time - we’ll see what happens. But regardless, it’s fun and I’m looking to having a shot at winning a title anyway.; So what are the chances of seeing you back in Munich this fall?

David Oliver: I would like to come back. But like I said, it’s really not an issue that’s on my mind right now. I love Munich. Once I learn a little bit more “Deutsch” (German), I could make this my home. I love the city that much. Hopefully, things will go according to plan and I’ll be back in a Barons jersey. And the club hasn’t approached you yet?

David Oliver: A little bit. I mean we haven’t really talked about anything. But hopefully maybe Max (Fedra, sports director of the Munich Barons) and I’ll sit down in the near future here and work something out.
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