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"On top at the end of the regular season"
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Januar 15, 2002; 02:50
"On top at the end of the regular season"
Q&A with Munich Barons defender Shane Peacock
Frank Johne

His stellar debut season with the Barons earned Peacock league MVP honors in 1999-2000

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Munich, Germany - Like three of his fellow-Barons defenders, Shane Peacock missed more than a month due to injury. After sitting out all of December with a broken metatarsus, “the Chief” has returned to the ice. In a exclusive interview, the 99/00 league MVP talks about his comeback, the sweep over Cologne and the playoffs.

Peacock returned to the ice against Essen last Sunday
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(as of Feb 19, 2005) You guys just swept the four-game season series with Cologne. The Haie always seem to be a favorable opponent…

Shane Peacock: Every time, we get pretty geared up. I think there’s a lot of guys from the first year, when we played them in the finals. It’s always a good memory. We know, they’re coming in and they’re always gonna play hard. And it’s the same when we go there. We’re going there to play hard They’re great games, the best games to be playing in. And it’s an extra bonus to sweep ‘em. You’ve finally returned from a long injury break. How’s your foot feeling right now?

Shane Peacock: It feels pretty good. It’s one of those things. I went through it last year. It was almost the exact same injury, just on the other foot. It’s a long way back. But it feels good now and I feel comfortable. So, other than that, I’m just happy to be playing again (starts to laugh). What do you think about the Olympic break? Does it take some momentum away from you guys? Or, considering all the injuries the Barons have had, would you say it’s rather favorable, to give the guys time to get back?

Shane Peacock: You know, that’s one of those things. It’s nice to have a break. I think a lot of guys on our team especially are looking forward to it. We need it a little bit. We’ve been short-manned most of the season. But it’s kind of a funny thing. After the Olympic break, you have maybe ten games left before the playoffs. So it’s basically a sprint to the finish. And whoever’s geared up the most after that, it’s anybody’s for the taking. It’s an interesting thing. It’s good for us, though. We definitely need a break. So the postseason basically starts right after the break, with ten games left in the regular season…

Shane Peacock: Exactly. When we get back from the Olympic break, it’s getting over system details and gearing up for the playoffs, starting to play your best game. Do you keep an eye on the other teams ahead of you or behind you? Or doesn’t that bother you at all at the moment? Or do you already think about possible playoff scenarios?

Shane Peacock: Not right now. But with the way the league is, you always have to keep an eye on everybody, especially in the top eight. We’re trying to keep pace with the guys in front of us and maybe catch up to them. The guys behind us, we’re trying to keep ‘em down there. But overall, you play the whole season to be first at the end to get home-ice advantage all the way through the postseason, which is a big advantage in this league.

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