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Hannover Scorpions (DEL) acquire F Peter Abstreiter from Hamburg Freezers (DEL)

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"If somebody wants me, then Iíll be back"
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Dezember 29, 2001; 03:11
"If somebody wants me, then Iíll be back"
Q&A with Barons winger Derek King
Frank Johne

King is third on the team in scoring with 11 goals and 19 assists

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Munich, Germany - caught up with Munich Barons winger Derek King after the Krefeld game. The 34-year-old former Islander and Maple Leaf, who has by far the most NHL experience of all the players in the German league, talks about Krefeldís strengths, his hockey life in Germany, a contract extension and the resurrection of the New York Islanders.

Enjoying his stint in Germany: 34-year-old Derek King
Leading DEL Scorers
(as of Feb 19, 2005) Derek, you scored a beautiful goal today, but the Barons came up short against Krefeld once again. Youíve played these guys three times. What do you think about this team? And what made the difference today?

Derek King: Well, they just donít quit. They stick to the game play. Whether theyíre down a goal or up a goal, they play it the same way. They also got some talented players. They had some opportunities, beared down on Ďem and scored. We had a few opportunities ourselves, but we couldnít put it by Ďem. Youíve been here (in Munich) for a couple of months now. What do you think of the German league in general and your team, the Barons?

Derek King: Oh, hockey-wise, itís good hockey. And Iím more impressed with it than I thought Iíd be. Thereís a lot of talented players here and itís a faster-paced game. Itís nice. The fans are great, almost like soccer fans. The management here and the team itself have been great to me. And the cityís excellent. So Iíve been enjoying it as well as my wife and kid. Overall, itís been good. What are the changes of seeing you around here next year, too?

Derek King: It depends on them. Well, Iíd like to see how this year goes and the playoffs. But if my body holds up and somebody wants me, then Iíll be back! Any plans of returning to the NHL? Or is that chapter behind you?

Derek King: No Ė that chapterís long gone now. I mean, you never know. Anything can happen. But Iím not preparing myself for it. Iím here to play in this league for as long as I think I can without embarrassing myself. And after that, Iíll retire, go back to New York and live happily ever after I hope. Speaking of New York. As a long-time Islander, what to you think of the teamís resurgence?

Derek King: I think itís great. I enjoyed myself there. I mean I still live there in the summer. Itís good for the fans and for Long Island. Itís good to see that the players get a little more respect now and that theyíre turning it around. Itíd be a shame to lose the team there with the franchise they have. So I think itís wonderful.
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