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Team Germany wins All-Star Game
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Februar 1, 2004; 21:37
Team Germany wins All-Star Game
Dolak scores twice in 8-3 rout
Frank Johne

Daniel Kreutzer of the Düsseldorfer EG Metro Stars
Daniel Kreutzer of the DEG Metro Stars had three points on the afternoon

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Munich, Germany - Thomas Dolak of the Hannover Scorpions notched a pair of goals as Team Germany routed the international All-Stars 8-3 in the 7th annual DEL All-Star Game at Ingolstadt’s Saturn Arena Sunday. Daniel Kreutzer of the DEG Metro Stars contributed a goal and two helpers as the Germans recorded their third straight All-Star victory.

Thomas Dolak
Scored twice: Thomas Dolak of the Hannover Scorpions
Leading DEL Scorers
(as of Feb 19, 2005)

With over 4000 in attendance, Dolak opened the scoring just 3:08 into the contest. The game was even until Len Soccio and Stephan Retzer scored just 58 seconds apart to give Team Germany a 4-2 lead late in the middle frame. Dolak’s second tally and a goal from Petr Fical put the game out of reach at 6-2 at the midway point of the third period.

Nürnberg Ice Tigers teammates Stephane Julien (hardest shot at 94mph) and Marian Cisar (fastest skater) won the two skills competitions.


1-0 (03.08) Dolak (Boos)
1-1 (07.09) King (Selivanov, Corbet)
2-1 (10.39) Köppchen (Fical, Leask)
2-2 (31.28) Julien (Mann)
3-2 (37.41) Soccio (Kreutzer)
4-2 (38.39) Retzer (Kreutzer)
5-2 (43.39) Dolak (Boos, Kopitz)
6-2 (47.58) Fical (Reichel)
6-3 (51.30) Persson (McLlwain, Drury) 5:4
7-3 (51.43) Mondt (Walter, Abstreiter)
8-3 (52.36) Kreutzer

DEL All-Star Line-up

Jimmy Waite (Ingolstadt)
Andrej Trefilov (Düsseldorf)
Boris Rousson (Hamburg, injured, groin)

Stéphane Julien (Nürnberg)
Peter Ratchuk (Frankfurt)
Jakub Ficenec (Ingolstadt)
John Miner (Augsburg)
Mike Pellegrims (Düsseldorf)
Ricard Persson (Berlin, replacement)
Andy Roach (Mannheim, inactive, personal reasons)
Micku DuPont (Berlin, inactive, personal reasons)

Bob Wren (Augsburg)
Cameron Mann (Ingolstadt)
Patrick Lebeau (Frankfurt)
Marian Cisar (Nürnberg)
Ted Drury (Kassel)
René Corbet (Mannheim)
Kelly Fairchild (Berlin)
Brad Purdie (Hamburg)
Dany Bousquet (Freiburg)
Patrik Augusta (Hannover)
Dave McLlwain (Köln)
Scott King (Iserlohn)
Alexander Selivanov (Krefeld)

Team Germany Line-up

Oliver Jonas (Berlin)
Marc Seliger (Mannheim)
Alexander Jung (Düsseldorf)

Jochen Molling (Mannheim)
Rob Leask (Berlin)
Stephan Retzer (Kassel)
Martin Walter (Hamburg)
Mike Smazal (Hamburg)
Patrick Köppchen (Hamburg)
Lasse Kopitz (Nürnberg)
Daniel Rau (Augsburg)

Martin Reichel (Frankfurt)
Nikolaus Mondt (Ingolstadt)
Daniel Kreutzer (Düsseldorf)
Tobias Abstreiter (Kassel)
Eduard Lewandowski (Köln)
Tino Boss (Köln)
Thomas Greilinger (Nürnberg)
Len Soccio (Hannover)
Klaus Kathan (Mannheim)
Petr Fical (Nürnberg)
Andreas Morczinietz (Köln)
Thomas Dolak (Hannover)
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