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Why "The President" chose to reside in Munich...
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Juli 2, 2001; 12:40
Why "The President" chose to reside in Munich...
Mike Kennedy talks about his offseason and reveals why he decided to stay with the Barons
Frank Johne

In his two seasons with the Barons, the 29-year-old Canadian has tallied 25 goals and 31 assists in 80 games.

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Munich, Germany - Center Mike Kennedy, “The President”, is entering his third straight season with the Munich Barons. After missing most of his first DEL season due to injury, Mike was able to step up in the playoffs, contributing 8 points en route to the German Championship in 1999-2000. Despite ongoing injury trouble, he became a more regular contributor last year, appearing in 44 of Munich´s 60 regular season games and all of its 11 postseason contests. In his two seasons with the Barons, the 29-year-old British-Columbia-native has tallied 25 goals and 31 assists in a total of 80 games. Currently enjoying the offseason in his home near Toronto, Ontario, Mike took some time for an interview with Frank Johne.

Mike Kennedy
Leading DEL Scorers
(as of Feb 19, 2005), it was a treat for all fans to learn that you just signed a multi-year deal with the Barons. But I assume you received good offers from other interesting clubs as well. What made you decide in favor of Munich?

Mike Kennedy: There were some interesting offers to think about, but there are many factors to think about when making important decisions. Some of these factors are: What is the organization like? What is the coach like? What kind of team will they have? To all those questions I can answer that Munich will be a great team, has a great coach and organization. Then I have to think about the city, and if my wife will like it. She has been teaching English at Berlitz and enjoys having her own things to do. Lastly, I have to think about the money and how much more it would take to leave Munich. We decided that for a little more money elsewhere it wasn’t worth it to leave a championship atmosphere. By the way, what do you like most about Munich, besides the
Barons organization or the fans?

Mike Kennedy: Carrie and I enjoy the fact that Munich is a big city that has a lot to offer. We especially like the restaurants and beer gardens. We love to walk on Leopoldstrasse and eat in the outdoor cafes. I like that we are so close to the mountains and I went skiing during last year’s February break. Also, I think the weather is beautiful. Does your long-term commitment to the Barons mean that you
have given up on the NHL? Or do you have kind of an escape clause in your contract?

Mike Kennedy: It would be a long road back to the NHL. There would be tremendous risk involved, but certainly I believe if someone were to give me a chance, I could definitely play at that level in a defensive manner. What does your offseason look like? Enough time for hobbies, family or vacation?

Mike Kennedy: My offseason is pretty extreme. I try to fit into 3 months what I missed for the 9 months I was away. Carrie and I try to see our family and friends. I like to be very busy, but that includes some golf and tennis. We have a cottage 2 hours north of Toronto and we use it almost every weekend (when there is no wedding to go to). While at home, how do you prepare for the upcoming campaign?

Mike Kennedy: I try to put an emphasis on my lower body during the offseason. Building leg strength helps during training camp. I like to train my heart in all sorts of ways, like: swimming, running, tennis and working out in the gym on the bike. Does the club keep you players updated on player transfers and
other important developments? Or do you have to gather such information via the internet?

Mike Kennedy: I keep in touch by talking to Sean Simpson over the phone. In fact we just played a golf tournament together. But I do check the DEL site to see what the other teams have been doing in the offseason. Are you regularly in touch with any of your teammates during the offseason?

Mike Kennedy: I do keep in touch with Phil Huber and Sean Simpson and everybody else we e-mail back and forth. Speaking of Phil Huber. With guys like Girard, Larsson, Sweeney or Huber gone, the Barons front office has promised to bring in two or three new guys from North America. A lot of names have been brought up since (Kelly Fairchild/Hershey, Derek King/Grand Rapids, Marty Murray/Saint John or Mark Beaufait/Orlando). Do you rememeber any of these guys from your AHL/IHL days?

Mike Kennedy: We will miss Ricky, Lars, Swoop and Hubie, but from what I hear our team will be stronger than last year. I played with Kelly Fairchild in St. John’s and he is a very good player who sees the ice well and can equally score and make plays. I have also played with Derek King in Toronto and he is a great player who will indeed make an impact on the DEL. I remember Marty Murray from Köln and the Saint John flames and he will be sought after too. Mark Beaufait and I played against each other a long time ago, I think he was in Kansas City back then. Speaking of departed players, do you think Bob Sweeney´s
decision is final this time? Or are they going to talk him out of retirement once again?

Mike Kennedy: Swoop seems to be the type of guy who will stick to his word, so I don’t expect him back. He is a family guy and I know they missed him this past year. I also think he is ready to make his step away from the game, but who knows, it would be nice to see him in a Barons jersey one more time. Are you still in touch with any of your former NHL, AHL or IHL

Mike Kennedy: I keep in touch with only a few. Dan Keczmer, Benoit Hogue, George Zajankala, Dane Jackson, (former Munich Baron) Billy McDougall, Mark McArthur, and if I go back to any of the cities I played in and still know someone, I give them a call.
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