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Off to new horizons
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Juni 2, 2001; 16:52
Off to new horizons
Former player Bob Joyce talks about life after the Barons
Frank Johne


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Munich, Germany - What a way out: Munich Barons winger Bobby Joyce contributed a key goal and won the DEL championship in his final career game. He scored the important 3-2 go-ahead goal in game four of the 2000 DEL finals, a game Munich eventually won 4-3 over Cologne to claim the title. Joyce´s score got the Barons back on track just seconds after the Kölner Haie had obviously changed the momentum with an early second-period equalizer.

From the doorstep, Bob Joyce (right) wristed the puck past goalie Andrew Verner to give Munich a 3-2 lead in game four of the 2000 DEL finals.
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(as of Feb 19, 2005)

Joyce had already spent two seasons in the German DEL, with Düsseldorf and Landshut, before he joined the Munich Barons in 1999. Unfortunately, he was plagued by a knee injury all season long and could only sporadically showcase his excellent two-way skills. However, he was able to return for the decisive fourth game of the finals and crown his stint in Munich with a championship ring

The first highlight of his career was his appearance with Team Canada at the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, Alberta. Canada did not make it to the medal round, though. He spent more than a decade in the NHL and the minors before he decided to pursue his career overseas, with the Düsseldorfer EG of the German DEL, in 1997. He tallied 34 goals and 49 assists (90 penalty minutes) in 158 NHL games for the Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals and Winnipeg Jets.

The 34-year-old New-Brunswick-(Canada) native retired during the 2000 offseason and now resides in Orlando, Florida. Although Joyce is obsessed with a new passion, he took some time for an extensive interview with Bob, Barons fans still remember you for your crucial goal in the finals. Is that still a sweet memory for you as well? Or would you say that it´s not that much that very moment, but more the overall joy of upsetting the league, winning the championship as an underdog team, especially after a very injury-plagued season for you personally?

Bob Joyce: Scoring that goal felt great but was nothing compared to the feeling of winning the championship. I worked hard after my knee injury to be ready to play again and I have to thank my teammates for playing so well to get us to the finals. I was happy to be able to contribute to the win. Winning the DEL Championship was the highlight of my career. Was it your decision not to re-sign with the Barons last year?

Bob Joyce: No. I had a contract worked out with Max Fedra but due to financial reasons the teams' owners decided to not sign any more players before the start of the (2000-2001) season. Why did you retire?

Bob Joyce: I had a number of other offers to continue playing hockey, but after the season we had in Munich it was hard to imagine playing in any other city than Munich or for any other team. I loved the city and people of Munich and the members of the Barons' organization. I have my health, my girlfriend is here in Florida, and I thought scoring a goal and winning a championship in my last game is not a bad way to go out! What activities are you into right now?

Bob Joyce: I am currently attending Comair Aviation Academy in Florida. I hope to one day become an airline pilot. I started with no flying experience and have earned my commercial pilot's license to date. My father was a pilot in the Canadian Air Force (based in Baden-Baden in the early1960's) so I guess it was in my blood. You must be in pretty good physical shape. I heard you participated in the Disney Marathon at Orlando in early January and finished it in a very decent time. Is there any chance to see Bob Joyce back in the ice rink?

Bob Joyce: Yes, I finished the Disney Marathon, however at this time I have no plans to return to the ice. Do you still practice or play hockey, hobbywise?

Bob Joyce: No, flying seems to take up all of my time these days. You now live in Orlando, Florida, where you played for the IHL´s Solar Bears from 1995-1997. Are there still any ties to the organisation?

Bob Joyce: A few of my friends still play and work for the Solar Bears. I was at the game last Saturday and witnessed them clinch the IHL championship (Turner Cup) and plan on celebrating with them this week. Do you still follow the Munich Barons?

Bob Joyce: Yes, in fact in fact I put on my championship ring during the finals this year for good luck. Are you still in touch with some of your former Munich teammates?

Bob Joyce: Yes, in fact Sean Simpson stayed with me in Orlando while scouting an IHL play-off game. You visited Munich last winter. Will you come over to watch a couple of Barons games this winter, too?

Bob Joyce: I certainly hope so. My girlfriend and I hope to make it to Oktoberfest this year! Considering your own experiences as part of the Barons organisation and now from an outsider´s point of view, do you think the franchise has a future in Munich?

Bob Joyce: Yes. I hope the people of Munich realize how hard Max Fedra and the rest of the Barons organization have worked and continue to work to bring a winning team to Munich. Germany has a great hockey tradition and it is only fitting that Munich should have a team. You were a teammate of Ray Bourque´s with the Boston Bruins from 1987-1990. He was already a star back then, but not the future hall-of-famer he is now after more than two decades in the NHL. What was it like to be his teammate?

Bob Joyce: One of things I am most proud of in my career is to have had the privilege to play with Ray. I have heard him described as a better person than he is a hockey player and I couldn't agree more with that statement. It seems like the whole continent is routing for Bourque right now, hoping that he will finally win the Stanley Cup. Do you still follow the NHL?

Bob Joyce: Yes, I have been following the play-offs and am one of those hoping that Ray wins the Cup. Having played on three different NHL clubs (Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals and the unfortunately defunct Winnipeg Jets), what´s your favorite team?

Bob Joyce: I grew up in Winnipeg, the home of the Jets. So as a kid, the Jets were always my favorite team but I don't have a preference now. Apart from guys like Bob Sweeney or Peter Douris, with whom you got reunited in the DEL, do you still have contact to former NHL teammates?

Bob Joyce: No, our careers have taken us many different directions. Hopefully in the future our paths will cross once again.
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